ATT Blackberry Smartphones Exactly What You Need

ATT Blackberry smartphones are a must have for any consumer or business looking to have the best of all worlds. You'll have access to nationwide 4G coverage that combines both LTE and HSPA+ technologies to bring you speeds not found anywhere else allowing you take full advantage of all the features found on your Research In Motion device.

What makes a Blackberry special?

Blackberries or "crackberries" as they are known by their devoted users provide the best email experience possible. If you want secure, easy to use, and fast email then you must get an ATT Blackberry. For instance, it's possible for me to be sitting at my desk with my email client open and my Blackberry will get the message faster than my computer. Talk about having a fast ATT Wireless experience combined with great devices from Research In Motion and you simply cannot go wrong.

Are you tired of spending money on text messaging each month?

Well, with RIM's proprietary messaging system known as Blackberry Messenger aka BBM outrageous SMS bills will be history. With BBM you can send texts/messages to anyone who has a Blackberry. Most people love the service because your messages are extremely secure...well everything sent over the RIM network is.

Most recently many goverments are asking the folks in Waterloo, Canada to make exceptions to the security features found on Blackberry devices because these countries cannot intercept the encrypted messages. So if you don't want anyone ease-dropping on your communications you would do very well with an ATT Blackberry.

AT&T Wireless Features

You have many choices when choosing a wireless phone operator but there are certainly some perks when you choose AT&T Wireless phone services. One that stands out and many individuals may have heard before are the Rollover Minutes. With Rollover minutes, the minutes that you do not use at the end of the month are yours to keep for the next 12 billing periods. This only makes sense considering your already purchased the minutes in the first place.

AT&T is the nation's second largest wireless network behind Verizon Wireless which means the odds are in your favor that you'll have family and friends who use ATT. But the deal is only sweeter when you consider that you'll have free, unlimited mobile to mobile calling to family, friends or anyone (now don't go stealing the contact info for AT&T Wireless subscribers) who you have their number and are apart of AT&T.

Loyalty is rewarded with AT&T which usually takes one prominent form that you'll like the most. You'll receive discounts on phones like the ATT Blackberry, but the higher your monthly rate plan and data package rates, the more you'll save. Ok, that doesn't exactly make complete sense. Why would anyone want to spend more money just to save more? That's a question for another time though.

Overall you can already tell you are in for a great experience with ATT and is definitely the wireless mobile phone operator to have. You simply cannot go wrong at all.

ATT Blackberry Devices

Research In Motion is undergoing some changes as they prepare to do a complete refresh of their whole selection of smartphones including upgrading to a new and improved operating system called BBX.

Blackberry is expecting to have a flurry of new devices hit the market in 2012 and everyone is really excited about what is in the pipeline for many reasons. But right now there are currently five ATT Blackberries available and they include two which are 3G capable the:

The 9360 is the newer Blackberry Curve for those who are not familiar with the nomenclature used by RIM.

Now for the Crackberries that are capable of fully taking advantage of all that the ATT Wireless network has to offer you'll find the following smartphones:

Clearly you are going to be in for a treat when it comes to having a Blackberry on this great network.

It almost slipped my attention one of the greatest advantages of using AT&T is the ability to multitask. This means you can take a call and also surf the web at the same time, how's that for getting a lot done at once. If you're heavy on texting you'll be able to send SMS messages while being on the phone too.

Simply put one of the best combinations for a smartphone and cellular provider would be the Blackberry brand and AT&T Wireless.

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