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The Sprint Blackberry options available from Research in Motion are a solid lineup consisting of three handset lines/series:

Everyone is more familiar with the Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve because these are manufactured in traditional Research in Motion style where they come with the standard qwerty keyboard allowing much productivity. Well in the sense of emails but perhaps a little too much BBM fun for some users.

The Blackberry Style is what we'd call a flip-phone and to be honest not truly sure that it has gained a lot of traction with most individuals who are in the market for new cell phones. We won't pass judgment all we'll say is don't knock it until you try it.

Sprint As Wireless Carrier

If you're like most people you like to keep your money and not throw it away. Well, Sprint Blackberries will give you the best of both worlds where you have a very attractive wireless plan that doesn't gouge you at every turn. Unlike some Sprint competitors (who shall remain nameless).

Sprint actually has the best plans in our opinion when you factor in talk and text along with messaging and data. These are the points which can drive any new smartphone user crazy when they get their first bill and never realized how the additional fees can really add up. But with a Sprint smartphone really won't be a problem because they are upfront with everything.

Clearly with a Sprint Blackberry one of the main aspects will be how fast can your phone operate on the carrier's network. 4G is your best friend with Sprint. Kinda like the name says you'll be sprinting... ok we apologize for our poor attempt at humor.

Sprint Blackberry Selection

One area where we believe Sprint can do a better job is with their selection of Blackberries. We live and breathe new cell phones and just wish they would have as good of a selection as the other carriers.

So the tradeoff for the price conscious consumer is that you will most likely have a better wireless service contract with Sprint, your tradeoff is the latest smartphones from Research in Motion do not always make it to Sprint.

Why Go With Blackberry

Blackberry phones were once all the rage, but it seems as though our friends from Waterloo, Canada have been stumbling slightly but they are getting back on track.

A Blackberry will give you more than apps, you will have access to Super Apps. What's a Super App?

Super Apps make your life so much easier. They can:

  • Add events and appointments to your calendar
  • Use GPS feature of Sprint smartphone for location services
  • Sharing: directions, email, text message or Blackberry Messenger
this is just the beginning of Super Apps, again a Sprint Blackberry has many ways to keep you in touch and connected.

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