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Motorola smart phone is officially called Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. which is a January 2011 spinoff from Motorola Inc. which was founded some 80 years ago (founded in 1928). So why was their a spinoff? Well you can't ride the success of your mid-1990s StarTAC flip phone when you got competitors such as Nokia and Samsung gunning for you and the whole smartphone market.

Most of you probably are more familiar with Motorola smartphone for developing the RAZR V3 which was iconic during its introduction in 2004. Alas, things never last forever and the iPhone would come and knock the RAZR right off its lofty pedestal.

Android Powers the Future

How does a multinational comeback from a bruising defeat?

Strategic partnership with Google Android and getting extremely cozy with a particular wireless carrier. Not to mention names, but perhaps Verizon Wireless.

Out of these partnerships we got Motorola Android phones. We're not sure if Motorola smart phone suffers from hard feels but their advertising campaign featuring the Droid and the line of "Droid does" makes us believe Motorola was indeed upset about everyone's love affair with the iPhone.

Innovating Your Smartphone Experience

The smartphone group definitely has a goal of making your handheld device and essential part of your life. They are doing this with a simplified platform approach and addressing what really gets people excited about their phones. MOTORBLUR for instance is an industry first which aggregates and syncs:

  • contacts
  • posts
  • messages
  • photos, etc.

from the places that matter to you:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Gmail
  • work e-mail

with automatic, pushed updates delivered directly to widgets found on your smartphone's home screen.

Top Motorola Smartphones

Motorola has received raving reviews in the media and from consumers alike. Their smartphone portofolio consists of approximately twenty phones which are found under three main categories:

  • DROID Series
  • IDEN Series
  • MOTO Series.

We'll tell you one thing we thought about listing the most popular smartphones but we'd be doing everyone a disservice. Technology simply evolves too rapidly and what is new today becomes ancient immediately.

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