What Is A Smartphone

What is a smartphone? It's like having a cell phone that is a mini computer, allowing you to complete a lot of smartphone tasks on the go. If you want a cell phone where you can access the internet, download smartphone apps, use social networking, and play games then you definitely are going to want a smartphone.

Basically, anything that you can do on a computer can be done on a smartphone nowadays.

Smartphone tasks can be completed on the go and can really come in handy. Have you ever traveled and gotten lost? Well, with gps smartphone software that becomes a thing of the past. Smartphones come with navigation and turn-by-turn directions to make life so much easier for you.

Feature Cell Phone

A feature cell phone is a mobile handset that does not perform smartphone tasks. You can only use these phones to make and receive calls and text messaging.

If this is how you use your phone and it fulfills all of your needs then there is nothing wrong with that. But nowadays you can do so much more with a cellphone.

Smartphone Features

A real world example of what is a smartphone.

I was at the cell phone store the other day and was talking to the sales guy when he mentioned how his smartphone acts as his personal computer. You see his laptop stopped working on him and he has not had the time to get it fixed. But he is not concerned because he has been doing everything on his smartphone that he would normally do on a computer.

That story was not made up. I am sure you know people who use all of their smartphone tasks and really have no need for a computer, unless they are doing a lot of typing.

Your smartphone does come with a camera in most cases. In the world of technology more is better. Cameras and the quality of the picture rendered is determined by the number of megapixels. Better camera phones have more megapixels. Very simple concept.

Smartphone video is also very popular too. Everyone has those candid video clips that they want to upload and share with all of their friends. All you need is a mobile internet connection and your video can be posted on YouTube immediately.

Let's say you're not into sharing your smartphone video to the whole world, there's a solution for that. Send the video as multimedia messaging service (mms). MMS is like tex tmessaging (sms) on steroids because you can send a lot more than just text, hence the name text message.

What is a smartphone without the mobile internet? It loses a lot of functions so having access to the internet becomes important.

Generally, you are billed for your data usage by the wireless cell phone carriers but there is a workaround so to speak. Always use smartphone wifi when it is available.This gives you the freedom to continue to stream internet radio or access your smartphone email without being charged, especially with the tiered data plans being offered to consumers.

You won't be charged when using a wifi connection but heavy usage of your phone will drain your batter. Smartphone batteries are an area which all smartphone handset manufacturers are working to improve the time between having to recharge.

Key Factors to Consider

Now that you know what is a smartphone, you still have a dilemma to address.

What type of smartphone tasks will you be completing? How you use your mobile handset is important when deciding between the two major types of phones on the market.

You can have a smartphone with a qwerty keyboard or touch screen smartphones. Ok, not exactly true. Nowadays, smartphones allow you to have the best of both words with touchscreen and qwerty keyboard all on one device.

In the future Near Field Communication (nfc) is going to become very popular, currently the best comparison of NFC would be W-LAN.

NFC is going to allow your smartphone to do a lot of great things. How about being able to swipe your smartphone at the checkout counter to make a purchase or to communicate with other devices. This is where the future is headed and will provide so many for smartphone tasks which we have not even dreamed up yet.

We all thought bluetooth was very cutting edge and going forward NFC will become just as commonplace as bluetooth.

If you like to customize the look and feel of your smartphone, then the smartphone theme is going to be very important to you.

Also you will want to consider what mobile operating system your smartphone works on because this will affect a significant number of smartphone tasks and more importantly to you the number of smartphone apps available.

In today's world what is a smartphone without apps!

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