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The i Phone is everywhere, but is this really a great smartphone to own? We'll give you our take on all the apple phones and you can comment too about your experience with these smartphones.

Before getting started the iPhone is an extremely coveted item, it has been a must have item since it was first introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007. Even today people still swoon over this iconic brand. We cannot count how many people we've had to counsel out of purchasing a new apple phone just weeks before a new iPhone is to launch.

Let us make this clear...

Be patient and wait a few weeks to get the newest iPhone. Don't let your emotions and wants get the best of you where you'll be using last year's phone instead of the latest from Apple Inc.

From what we've observed while out in public is that once you go i Phone there's no turning back. It is one of those devices that changes your life and how you interact with the world.

Integrated ecosystem means a lot. Since Apple produces both the hardware and software you are sure to have a great user experience. Everything is integrated and the folks at Cupertino definitely know what they're doing.

So we've laid on the positive endorsements pretty hard but we're not always in complete agreement. Sometimes we feel as though there is too much control of the Apple experience. But it is a world of Steve Jobs when it comes to Apple phones so you need to know what you're getting yourself into.

His company does not do consumer focus groups or listen to what you want. Instead, they will give you want you want and you'll be completely satisfied. Clearly, this philosophy has been working because each quarter brings amazing profits and Apple stock rises dramatically.

Okay, enough talking from us, let's get into what really matters, the reviews...

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iPhone 4

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