Smartphone Accessories Are A Reflection of You

Smartphone accessories are what you use to set yourself apart from all of the millions of others who have the exact same cell phone as you. There are all types of additions you can buy or find for free to in the words of the movie Office Space provide some "flair." But not all accessories are created equal.

Protection Comes With Smartphone Cases

So now you have the best smartphone which you paid a heavy price for and you don't want to scratch it. Dings or dents aren't an option either. You are definitely going to want a smartphone case to protect your investment. Some folks say they don't need a smartphone case because they never drop their phones and this very well may be you.

But what if there's a klutz who runs into you causing you to fumble your smartphone. Did you purchase smartphone insurance? You'd be up a creek without a paddle so go ahead and think about getting one of those awesome smartphone cases. Besides, if you ever decide to upgrade/sell your phone having a case will allow you to fetch a higher price.

Let the Music Play with Ringtones

There's always that one individual who's phone goes off at the worst of times. Which is not funny. But here's what's funny...

The ringtones you'll hear when this happens. Typically a well-recognized song from the Billboard Top 100 where everyone knows exactly what song is being played.

Not too much more can be said about ringtones but we're confident you understand what is meant when it comes to having ringtones as your number one smartphone accessory.

Keep the Power with Smartphone Batteries

Now this is not a smartphone accessory for everyone. The qualification is you must possess a phone that has a changeable battery. One classic example would be RIM's phones which have a Blackberry battery that you can swap out as needed.

Battery power means a lot and no one wants to be tied down to a smartphone charger so the norm now is to carry two smartphone batteries. This ensures you can use your phone how you want, when you want without having to be concerned about conserving battery power.

An Easel For Your Smartphone

Easels are associated with paintings on display but we're well into the 21st Century where the cell phone stand has replaced the easel. They both do the same thing...let us see what we want without having to hold it ourselves, kinda allowing us to be lazier if you really think about it.

But with our phones having slick screens and the ability to stream movies and video it only makes sense that you'd want a stand for your smartphone to fully take in the viewing experience.

The same goes for those who prefer to use a smartphone car mount in their automobiles. You can drive and if the smartphone is mounted within reach of the driver it is very convenient to use. In particular a smartphone with gps is the perfect example of handiness while in the car. You practically have a dashboard navigation system in place.

Infographic on Your Cell Phone Accessory Habits

So we found this infographic online and simply couldn't resist not posting. This gives a great rundown of how integral smartphone accessories to all of us. Check it out below:

Smartphone Accessories Infographic

Let's Wrap Up on Accessories

By now you get the picture about the accessories available for your smartphone. We've only covered the tip of the iceberg though. You have some many more options available including:

  • free themes
  • blue tooth
  • smartphone skins
  • and US sim

cards just to name a few.

Remember purchasing a new smartphone is just the beginning. The fun comes with the cell phone accessories and personalizing your phone.

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