Smartphone Basics to Keep You in the Loop

If you're interested in buying a smartphone or simply love new gadgets then this is the place to be.

We cover the latest phones coming to market complete with reviews, the best handset manufacturers, operating systems,

and pros/cons of each of the wireless cellphone carriers.

The goal isn't to be everything to everyone in the technology sector. Instead, we focus on one thing and only one thing: smartphones.

Rest assured no one here is going to speak using highly technical jargon when explaining the specs of each phone. Not exactly a "smartphone for dummies" website, but we'll use everyday language here.

Your feature phone has served its purpose of calling and text messages and now you're ready to upgrade to something new.

So what makes a cell phone a smartphone?

  • Access to the internet
  • Camera and Video
  • Email
  • Apps and Games

These are just a few of the features of a smartphone, plenty more to come.

Have you ever attempted to purchase a technology product and felt you were just being sold on every feature and spec imaginable? You know those salespeople who don't know when to stop or when they lost you.

You're thinking to yourself, "I just want a smartphone that does XYZ, and anything else I could care less about."

At the Smartphone Consumer we understand how the decision to buy a smartphone actually goes.

You either know someone with a new phone or see ads in the news . Then you start thinking it's time to upgrade yourself. This starts a cycle of polling your friends and family about their phones. Finally armed with all of this information you take the plunge and make the purchase.

Your friends and family can only help so much when it comes to buying a smartphone. You need an authoritative source that lives and breathes smartphones. We'll keep you in the loop about the latest product announcements so you'll never buy a phone which is heavily discounted because a new version is about to come out.

Be sure to dial up the Smartphone Consumer and visit often. We would be doing you a disservice and probably making a fool of ourselves if we didn't mention that we're optimized for mobile browsing.

Table of Contents

Your Smartphone Blog For All Things Smartphones
Your smartphone blog is the place to turn for the lastest happenings for all things smartphones beginning with updates from us.
What Is A Smartphone
What is a smartphone? It's like having a cell phone that is a mini computer, allowing you to complete a lot of smartphone tasks. Want the internet, apps, social networking, games and...
No Contract Smartphones, Prepaid Smartphones Have Arrived
No contract smartphones otherwise known as prepaid smartphones are a great way to get all the benefits from the wireless cellphone carriers without the hassles of contracts and early termination fees.
HTC Corporation Innovating with Touchscreen Smartphones
HTC Corporation is bringing smartphones everywhere and poised to make a splash into the market, but how did they get started?
Discover Mobile Operating Systems For Your Smartphone
Mobile Operating Systems are central to smartphones and separate them from feature phones which lack a mobile os
Virgin Mobile Offers Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans
Virgin Mobile has one of the best prepaid cellular services combined with the Sprint Nationwide Network to save you money on your wireless plans.
Boost Mobile Offers Prepaid Smartphones With Shrinking Payments
Boost Mobile offers the best prepaid cell phone plans, these are no contract smartphones that save you money each month.
Motorola Smart Phone Bringing You the Best Smartphones
Motorola Smart phone manufactures motorola android phones while bringing you the best smartphones including motorola atrix, droid...
Your Smartphone News Resource Covering Smartphones
Get the latest in smartphone news all in one place, never miss a beat when it comes to smartphones.
Apple I Phone Reviews, Is It a Great Buy?
Apple i Phone reviews everything you need to know about the new iphone, including apple specs and apple phone exclusives.
Smartphone Accessories Adding Some Personalization to Your Cell Phone
Get the best in smartphone accessories, from ringtones, cellphone cases, free wallpaper themes, we got it all and then some.
Top Stock Quotes for Smartphone
Top stock quotes for smartphone from the leading companies including: Apple stock, Google stock quote and RIM stock all in one place.
Smartphone Apps The Best Way To Customize Your Cell Phone
Learn about smartphone apps and how to customize your smartphone with the best free apps, games, newsfeeds from Android apps to Blackberry apps and iPhone apps.
Compare Smartphones - Let Us Know The Best Smart Phone
Compare smartphones is your chance to rant or rave about the best smartphones and learning what are key features to look for before purchasing.
New Smartphones The Latest on Upcoming Smartphones
The latest on new smartphones, hear it first. Know when a new smartphone is going to launch, everything you need to know about upcoming smartphones.
Smartphone Wireless Phone Services
Find out where to get wireless phone services, there are many cell phone providers who offer a great selection on cell phone sales.
Mobile Phone Plans Get the Best Smartphone Plan
Discover mobile phone plans that give you the best in a cheap smartphone plan while learning all about the top cell phone plans for you.
Smartphone News Blog The Latest in Smart Phones
A smartphone news blog bringing you the latest in smart phone developments from newly released mobile phones to wireless carriers, we have you covered on all things smartphones.
Verizon Smartphones - The Best Smartphones from Verizon Wireless
Verizon smartphones offering the best Verizon cell phones all in one place to find the exact Verizon smartphone you're looking for.
Smartphone Consumer Blog
Get the latest news on all things smartphones. Leaked smart phones, industry rumors, upcoming devices and much more.
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