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The HTC Corporation emerged on the smartphone scene in 1997 being founded by Cher Wang, Chairwoman of the company. So Cher wasn't alone her team includes: HT Cho, Director of the Board & Chairman of HTC Foundation, along with Peter Chou, President and CEO. HTC smartphones got their start as the workhorses powering operator-branded handsets.

When any company does great work it does get noticed!

Recently, the company was ranked by Business Week as the second best performing technology company in Asia and receiving the number 3 spot in its Global listing in 2006.

Quietly Located

Let's hope HTC doesn't get too upset that the above headline is a play on the company tagline of "quietly brillant."

But there are two headquarters where Taiwan is the international headquarters but there are also operations in North America, specifially in Bellevue, Washington, USA.

Meeting Consumer Needs

HTC Corporation is not one to rest and let the market pass it by. They are true innovators always have a product to meet any consumer's needs and wants.

To be honest they may give us a run for our money as we try to keep up with all of their smartphones coming to market. Ok, not quite we'll keep up to bring you the latest and best that HTC has to offer.

HTC Corporation is able to have tremendous success because they are focused on Research and Development. Something needed in order to keep up with the likes of Apple and Google. So over 25% of the company's headcount is devoted to R&D, ensuing you have a cool device that is actually fun and easy to use.

We may hold a grudge with HTC smartphones because they are so innovative that they are moving beyond smartphones into superphones. But we won't be changing our domain name anytime soon. To us it is still a souped up smartphone and not a superphone industry just yet.

Not Going Alone

A practical company never relies only on itself, therefore HTC Corporation has entered into strategic partnerships with the likes of Microsoft and the major wireless carriers globally which include:

  • Orange
  • O2
  • T-Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • Cingular
  • Verizon
  • Sprint and
  • NTT DoCoMo.

There are alliances to ensure everything "under the hood" is flawless which means working with: Intel, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm.

Betting on These Guys

HTC Corportation has a strong foundation and a diverse distribution platform so we're betting they are going to be around for quite some time.

If this were stocks we'd say this is a buy and hold because we only see an upside going forward.

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