Compare Smartphones To Find The Best Smart Phone

Compare smartphones! We want to hear what you have to say about the best smart phone available. Everyone has an opinion and this is your chance to speak up.

There's a lot of talk about Apple having the best smartphones but how about the iPhone vs Blackberry? Okay, maybe that was a cheap shot because most people will say that Research in Motion is falling to the wayside. If you think this is not the case go ahead and let us know your thoughts and insights for thse two smartphone comparsions.

Here's one which will really pit our readers against each other.

iPhone vs Android!

The fanboys are going to say this isn't even a contest while the fandroids will simply say, "Droid does..." followed by everything an Android can do that iPhones can't. This actually may be the toughest smart phone comparison so that is why it is up to you to compare smartphones.

Obviously, everyone has their own take on what is important to them in a new smart phone but let's see how the majority thinks about the top three leading devices: Android, Apple and Blackberry.

Compare Smartphones Using Features and Your Needs

When comparing smartphones to find the best smartphone for you the most important criteria is yourself.

You need to consider what features are must haves and what are the things you can live without. If you're always sending messages you'll want to consider if you want a Qwerty keyboard, a touch screen or a cell phone that has a combination of both.

You'll definitely be in for a good debate when considering iPhone vs Blackberry. These two devices some may say are polar opposites.

How about for productivity or entertainment? The amount of apps available is really going to be an issue in your smartphone comparison if you are a gamer or simply like to do a lot of different things on your handheld. On the other hand, if you are primarily going to be using your smartphone for work or to be productive the app store won't be a big concern for you.

The user experience which includes the actual smartphone itself and the software can go a long way in making or breaking the case for the best smartphone.

Not to "show our hand" but there are striking differences between the manufacturers. You will find that Apple and Research in Motion currently produce the hardward and software so everything integrates seamlessly. While Android is the software that is placed on devices produced by a number of different manufacturers. Which means sometimes the user experience may suffer.

So go ahead and rant or rave about what you think is the best or worst when you compare smartphones. Your comments are really going to shed light on the claims of the leading smartphone manufacturers to separate fact from fiction.

Here's the Line Up of Comparisons

New smartphones are always coming out so here's where you'll find the latest in comparisons between the devices that you'll want the most.

Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S

Motorola Droid Razr vs iPhone 4S

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