IPhone vs Blackberry Who's On Top

Iphone vs Blackberry is the classic debate in the smartphone industry. But which one is the best and who are you going with? At Smartphone Consumer we could easily tell you our thoughts but we're doing something different.

Now is your chance to speak out loud against or for the iPhone or Blackberry in this epic smartphone comparison battle. You have your thoughts and ideas and we want to know what they are. Let's finally put all the myths and stereotypes to rest once and for all.

Can we really believe that Blackberry is a dinosaur about to be extinct because it only touts email and BBM as its claim to fame? Or does a slick device locked down by Steve Jobs really make for an entertaining exeprience?

Obviously everyone has different needs and wants when considering what smartphone to purchase but what are the factors that are most important to you? Can IT departments still advocate the superior security of the Blackberry over the iPhone? How about apps? Do they really influence what is the best smart phone?

Clearly there is much to think about and we don't want to be the ones influencing your buying decision. Okay, maybe a little but we try to stay neutral and just present the facts because ultimately it will be you using the smartphone and not us.

Quiz Time!

Let's see exactly where you stand when it comes to comparing smartphones and finding the best one for you.

Here are two quizzes you can take to get a better idea if you're an iPhone or Blackberry. Please note, if you want to see how other visitors have scored on the quizzes you'll have to provide your email address so the results can be emailed otherwise just complete and keep track of how you answered.

Don't worry...the answer key is below each quiz if you're not providing your email address.

Are You A Blackberry or Iphone?
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
E-mail Address
1. Who pays your monthly bill?*
A. Work does: I'm one of the 74% of U.S. executives who got my Blackberry from the boss.
B. Work does: thanks to Apple's new software for wiping my phone when I lose it, my office is one of 20% of businesses that now support the iPhone so I now have options.
C. I do: no way am I going to let the dweebs in the IT department tell me which handheld to you.
2. How did you use your phone at work today?*
A. I downloaded an Excel spreadsheet to review a budget statement, then emailed comments to a distribution list.
B. I was on the road, so I entered customer complaints into my SalesForce.com app.
C. I put my phone on mute and set a new personal best on Angry Birds while on a conference call.
3. Which mobile network is right for you?*
A. Whatever I have now. I'm not paying an early termination fee to break my contract.
B. I'd love to watch YouTube on my phone, but coverage is terrible where I live.
C. I don't like any of the carriers. I'm more interested in having the phone with the coolest features.
4. Which best describes your email habits?*
A. I like to use a cross-country flight to power through my in-box and hammer out 50-75 priority replies.
B. I read emails as they arrive but only respond to emergency messages.
C. Email is for suits. If anyone needs to know what I'm upto they can read by Twitter feed.
5. What's your favorite app?*
A. What's an app?
B. I just signed up for Facebook. Can you do that on a phone?
C. I felt really bloated after dinner at the Indian restaurant I found using UrbanSpoon last night, so I downloaded this exercise app called iPumpPilates to work off the naan.

Please enter the word that you see below.



LESS THAN 50 POINTS: You're a Blackberry!
MORE THAN 50 POINTS: You're an iPhone!

Quiz adapted from FORTUNE, August 2009.

If you don't believe the results of the first quiz or want to be doubly sure of the best smart phone for you here's another quiz. Remember email is optional if you want to see the trends from other visitors:

Quiz: Blackberry or IPhone?
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
E-mail Address
1. Which feature is most important to you in a mobile phone?*
A. Top-notch security.
B. A slick interface.
2. When on the go, what do you need most?*
A. Turn-by-turn directions to client meetings.
B. Info on nearby businesses.
3. Which do you use more?*
4. How often do you need to check your email?*
A. If it's not instant, I feel behind.
B. Every 15 minutes or so is good enough for me.
5. Are you a major multitasker?*
A. I have as many programs open as possible at any given time.
B. I prefer to do one thing at a time, thank you.
6. Which wireless carrier are you partial to?*
A. I like to keep my options open.
B. AT&T is for me-despite horrible coverage.
7. Do you like customizing your gadgets?*
A. I want them to do everything right out the box.
B. I love finding new apps and add-ons to increase productivity.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Mostly A's: then you want a Blackberry to tap into its leading-edge enterprise functions and cross-carrier flexibility (not anymore iPhone available on multiple carriers).
Mostly B's: pick up a sleek and sexy iPhone for sylist, customizable mobile experience.
Note: iPhone is not exclusive to AT&T anymore making question 6 not as accurate.

Quiz adapted from the May 2009 print edition of Entrepreneur.

Rant or Rave Against or For These Smartphones

Here's how things are going to work. You have the opportunity to give us your opinions, thoughts and comments about the iPhone and Blackberry which will become a webpage here at SmartphoneConsumer.com.

All that we ask is that you think before writing and don't make personal attacks against others. This is a PG site so nothing above PG-13 will be published.

Obviously, we understand that you will have strong opinions one way or the other so this is what will make this debate great. At the end of the day remember it's just smartphones we're talking about so don't lose sleep.

Alright, enough already let's jump into sharing your thoughts...

Need to Rant or Rave For Or Against IPhone vs Blackberry?

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