Mobile Phone Plans - What You Need to Know

Mobile phone plans are different when you buy smartphone.


Smartphones are like mini-computers that use the internet so the wireless cell phone providers will force you to purchase a data plan with your new smartphone. Just be prepared to spend a little bit more each month when you make the jump from a feature phone to a smartphone.

This is where you need to come to learn about the different prices and options available to you when deciding on the best smartphone plan for you. We'll give you a detailed breakdown on each cellphone provider and break down their cell phone plans based on:

  • minutes
  • text messaging
  • data options
  • special features.

Basically anything which can affect how much you'll be spending each month on your mobile phone plan we'll give you the inside scoop.

Let's hop right into it can check out what each wireless carrier is actually charging each month for their services:

Obviously the goal is to find a way to shrink your smartphone bill.

Two Monthly Bill Shockers

Everyone is usually shocked when they get their first smartphone bill and it is not because of the minutes they used.

Rather the:

  • text messages
  • data usage

is the big shocker for most folks. Especially if you are new to smartphones.

So whenever looking at the best smartphone plan for you seriously consider these two aspects. You may think the minutes are just right but the wireless carriers will empty your wallet on the SMS and data side.

One trend that we're seeing is that if you decide to purchase a large amount of text messages, including unlimited SMS the wireless phone service companies are willing to give you almost unlimited mobile to mobile calling. Which is great for them and lines their pockets.

You have to realize it is extremely cheap to send a text message like less than pennies for each message. So you're essentially subsidizing your cell phone provider when you agree to sign up for their unlimited messaging plan starting at roughly $20 in exchange for additional monthly minutes or mobile to mobile calling.

So you may feel as though you're winning because you have more minutes but actually the wireless carrier gets the last laugh in the end.

How about data plans?

This is where the wireless phone service providers are walking in uncharted territory. All it takes is for a few very heavy users to slow down the wireless network for everyone. To meet consumer demand for intensive data usage of streaming movies, music and browsing online the wireless carriers have to update and expland their networks.

This does not come cheaply and we're sure you see this when looking at your cell phone bill each month. You'll also see that on many mobile phone plans the data is tiered. Meaning you pay for a certain amount of data each month where the more data you consumer the more expensive the price.

Watch out for false advertising when it comes to unlimited data. Sprint actually is the only wireless carrier to offer truly unlimited data usage. All the other carriers may say unlimited, but if you go over your allotment you'll actually be throttled down. This means your cell phone provider will actually slow down your data connection.

Wi-Fi Is Cost Effective

So how can you avoid using up a lot of your data plan each month?

Whenever possible look for a Wi-Fi connection because this will not use up your precious data amounts.

Also you can find apps such as Onavo which actually compresses your data usage. Meaning you'll actually use less of your data amount each time you're connected to the internet.

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