Apple Inc a Leader in Smartphones with the Apple i Phone

Apple Inc, jumped into the smartphone arena in 1997, with the apple i phone, a revolutionary device which all handsets are now compared against.

It is surprising to think apple started off as Apple Computer, Inc on January 3, 1977 and clearly with a such a name computers would be their mainstay product. Apple began with three founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne and much has changed since then.

Steve Jobs has been the only founder to be actively involved with the company for the longest period of time. Apple Computer has since been renamed Apple Inc. to reflect the diverse array of products offered:

  • Macintosh computers
  • iPod (music device)
  • iPhone (mobile phone)
  • iPad (tablet computer)

Apple is a company which places a huge premium on aesthetic designs and creative advertising campaigns which everyone can easily identify as belonging to the hands of CEO Steve Jobs.

This same obsession with design was brought to the apple iPhone which is truly remarkable in looks and appearance.

The apple iPhone smartphone came to consumers on June 29, 2007 and was an immediate hit. Definitely, knocked the Motorola Razr off its pedestal as the smartphone to have at the time. Not sure how Apple Inc. does it, but year after year they seem to always deliver with a stunning product that is a must have. Well, the Apple fanboys would purchase regardless (but that's an entirely different story).

Until 2011, the apple smartphone was only available on the AT&T wireless network, but as of February is now available on the Verizon Wireless network too. One could say, having an exclusive product available to one wireless carrier really hurt Apple i phone sales but this has not been the case, the fanboys have gladly switched over to AT&T.

Steve Jobs is a marketing genius and has developed a staunch following which has contributed to the success of Apple Inc. More importantly, he is the face of the company and many analyst are concerned about what direction would Apple go if anything would happen to this hands on CEO. This issue means a lot because Mr. Jobs has taken a medical leave of absence due to a cancerous tumor in his pancreas.

Mr. Jobs died on October 5, 2011 after giving up his CEO role to Tim Cook a few months beforehand, but retaining his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

This is what really sets the company apart, they have events like the Macworld conference where new products are introduced to the amazement of the world.

Please pardon my tongue in cheek humor surrounding Apple Inc. I will admit there is a love-hate relationship with them. Although perhaps there is more love since I do own an ipod, apple iPhone smartphone, and MacBook. So there's your full disclosure. Well,it wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention I do not own any Apple stock.

Back to smartphone talk.

Apple iphones are released on a very standard product cycle. Every June, fanboys will flock online to the Apple retail store or to AT&T to buy the newest and latest Apple i phone. But it is possible to snag a cheap iphone.

Honestly, I believe Apple leaves out certain features in their smartphones on purpose for a very simple reason. If your product cycle is just a year, you are going to need something to entice consumers to upgrade to the latest handset and what better way they adding a basic feature which should have been there from the beginning.

Gripes But Still the Iconic Smartphone

AT&T one of the biggest problems Apple i phone users have is the service they get on the ATT wireless network. There are reports of dropped calls and text messages which do not reach their intended recipients.

Now these are not iPhone problems, rather ATT problems. It is the network and not the phone.

Before I had my Apple i Phone, I had a smartphone on the Sprint network and I did a little experiment to rationalize why I should not be a fanboy touting an Apple smartphone. I simply held a contest to see which wireless carrier could bring up a webpage the quickest. In every case my phone on the Sprint network has always won.

Don't get upset I only report the facts.

Features on a smartphone are essential. How would you like to have upgraded to a smartphone only to learn that it cannot cut and paste? Well, this was a problem Apple Inc. had with some former models of their Apple iPhone and as a consumer I would not be happy about this at all. Not having multitasking, ouch. But again you have these features and then some now.

Beating the Competition

Apple definitely has the competition on their heels.

The graphics and resolution are absolutely the best on an Apple i phone. This simply cannot be replicated by any of the other smartphone manufacturers.

Apps! Apple has a huge collection of smartphone applications. With over 300,000 apps there is one for every conceivable use your imagination can come up with. Apple Inc. has changed the game with their apps, where all of the established players are running to play catch up.

Apple Inc. has been around for about 30 years, but only in the smartphone sector for a very short period of time. Apple in less than four years has totally disrupted the smartphone industry and changed what is expected in the functionality of a smartphone.

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