The Best Wireless Phone Services for Smartphones

Find out who offers the best wireless phone services for your smartphone. Don't be fooled by slick advertising to get you into a cell phone store. Here we're going to present you with everything you need to get hooked up with the best cell phone service provider for you.

The key players you need to become familiar with include:

  • ATT
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • and Verizon.


These are the cell phone stores you can find just about anywhere in the country. These cell phone providers provide nationwide service and aren't one of the regional carriers.

The Big Four Wireless Phone Services

Typically you can't go wrong with either one of these cell phone stores but there are differences between them that you should be made aware of when deciding who to go with.

ATT: you're on a GSM network meaning you can use a sim card with your smartphone and they were the first to get the iPhone. But people do complain that their wireless phone service can be spotty. You know dropped and missed calls.

But ATT does get a lot of points for always having the latest and newest smartphones. If something is going to be launched you will typically find it here. Not to get into too many details but their mobile phone plans are a good deal too.

Sprint Wireless: has gotten a bad rap in the media and they're not as bad as you'd think. They actually are the only cell phone store that offers a completely unlimited smartphone plan. This includes minutes, messaging and data.

One complaint though is the selection of smartphones they have on hand. Sprint isn't exactly known to be the leader in receiving the newest smartphones from the handset manufacturers.

T-Mobile: depending on what happens with their perspective merger with ATT this company may not be around for too much longer. T-Mobile is known as the maverick amongst all of cell phone stores. They do great marketing and have smartphone sales that keeps the whole industry on their toes.

Again they use GSM technology meaning sim cards are the norm. Making it very easy to switch devices in a heartbeat. To be completely honest T-Mobile needs to stay separate from ATT if consumers are going to have cheap wireless plans and access to the newest devices too.

Verizon Wireless: this is the largest cell phone provider in the nation and they have not always been consumer friendly. They do have a 4G network which is the leading technology currently available so you'll get fast service and not a lot of dropped calls. But there's a caveat they have a tendency to pre-load their smartphones with lots of Verizon apps.

When you're the market leader by size alone pricing becomes irrelevant and as consumers you'll feel the pinch in your pocket when you see the going pricing for many of their mobile phone plans.

Cell Phone Stores Are Everywhere

You'll never have to travel far when looking for a cell phone store. They're practically everywhere and we all know you can find them at:

  • the mall
  • kiosks
  • Best Buy
  • online
  • Staples.

You heard that last one correctly. Staples is getting in on the cell phone sales trend. Apparently, office supplies, computers, and furniture isn't paying the bills so they will now be offering smartphone sales.

Best Buy Has Smartphones

This should come as no surprise but the largest electronics retailer is also a cell phone store.

You can purchase smartphones at Best Buy. What makes this a good deal is that you can easily compare cell phone plans all in one place. Even better, the sales people at Best Buy do not represent a particular cell phone store. This means they will direct you to the best smartphone and best cell phone service provider for you.

Clearly having an impartial sales associate is a win-win for everyone involved.

Retailers are Providers of Wireless Phone Services

Nowadays you can purchase cell phone at any of the big box retailers such as Target or Walmart as long as you make it over to their electronics section.

Most likely at these stores you won't find a full selection of cell phone providers but you will be able to get a no contract smartphone on one of the prepaid cell phone plans.

As you can see there are many options when it comes to wireless phone services and their is an option for everyone. If you want to go to a dedicated cell phone store you can do that. But if you prefer to shop online to buy smartphone that is available as well. No matter where you look you'll be able to find cell phone providers.

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