Sprint Wireless A Leading Wireless Carrier

Sprint Wireless is the nation's 3rd largest cell phone provider and definitely an underrated cell phone store. Sprint is not out to nickel and dime you with high fees and tiered data plans.

One of the highlights of the company is that they offer completely unlimited plans!

Yes, unlimited plans with no catch or hidden fees. Out of all of the wireless phone services available Sprint smartphones are the only ones with an unlimited plan. This includes unlimited:

  • data
  • messaging
  • calling to any mobile.

A plan like this simply cannot be beat by any of the other carriers. Sprint won't trick you and say they have unlimited with an exception being upto a certain point before they will throttle e.g. slow down your data speeds.

4G Service Abounds at Sprint

Everyone is always talking about the amazing things smartphones can do but this means nothing if you don't have the network to support the increasing capabilities of new smartphones.

Sprint Wireless has set the industry standard by being the first to deploy 4G wireless service as a national carrier in the United States.

This is just the beginning as they say speed kills and this is no exception in the wireless carrier arms race. Sprint has 4G WIMAX technology that will allow you to access cable broadband-like speeds wirelessly. The bread and butter of Sprint is its CDMA network and the company has entered into partnerships with handset manufacturers to produce devices that can take advantage of both CDMA and WIMAX networks.

That's not all...4G LTE is coming as well.

We told you speed kills and you definitely cannot go wrong with any Sprint smartphone when you have access to a network built on speed.

Satisfaction is Critical

One area where Sprint Wireless has been hit over the head repeatedly is the company's devotion to customer satisfaction. Since Dan Hesse President and CEO has come aboard he has made customer satisfaction a personal mission of his.

Unlike President Bush, Mr. Hesse can say, "Mission Accomplished."


Recent Consumer Reports surveys have tied Sprint with the yearly front-runner Verizon Wireless in terms of customer satisfaction. Simply put, Sprint has really made huge leaps in this area.

One Network for All Users

Sprint Wireless has been extremely lucky in having a fully compatible nationwide network. It doesn't make sense to go into all of the details but just realize there are many affiliates and subsidaries which make up Sprint. These affiliates all operate under the Sprint brand, build out the network and even own Sprint branded cell phone stores.

The benefit of all all this is that the whole network is build just for Sprint. This is in contrast to the other wireless carriers.

These carriers use acquired and merged networks which is problematic for you. The network can be inconsistent and many other problems can arise. So be glad Sprint owns all of its network.

Prepaid Cell Phone Options Too

President Obama's former Chief of Staff and now Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel once said, "never allow a good crisis to go to waste" and Sprint Wireless has taken up this line of thinking.

If you remember the company was bleeding subscribers at an alarming rate and many pundits and analysts weren't sure if the company would survive. Well a bright spot for Sprint has been the number of people interested in no contract smartphone plans. We can assume this has kept the company afloat.

Sprint ownsleading prepaid wireless brands in:

  • Boost Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile USA
  • payLo by Virgin Mobile
  • Assurance Wireless.

Let's Innovate with Sprint Smartphones

One gripe concerns the latest smartphones not always launching on Sprint. You obviously cannot have the leading wireless network with blazing speed but be left in the dark with the caliber of Sprint smartphones.

We're confident Sprint understands this as well and believe their selection of smartphones will be updated on a more regular basis to compete with the other wireless carriers.

Clearly, if you have ventured over to the Sprint store you will see that they do offer some amazing smartphones that will satisfy any of your needs or wants.

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