T-Mobile Offers the Best in Wireless Phone Services

T-Mobile is a great company for your wireless phone service. This is the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the United States. If you're looking for exceptional service look no further than T Mobile.

We're talking about a company that has consistently been ranked the highest for wireless retail-store satisfaction and wireless customer care. You simply cannot go wrong when joining T Mobile and getting access to their great selection of TMobile smartphones.

Acquisition Talks with ATT

Deutsche Telekom AG (DT) actually owns T-Mobile USA, Inc. and they have struck an agreement to sell TMobile to AT&T Inc. for $39 billion in stock and cash on March 20, 2011. This would effectively create the largest wireless phone service carrier in the U.S. with close to 130 million customers.

This deal is going to be very tough to get past the U.S. Department of Justice which has filed a lawsuit on August 31, 2011 claiming the merger would not pass antitrust laws and "Any way you look at it, this deal is anti-competitive."

Clearly there is a lot at stake as it would dramatically change the smartphone landscape in the country where consumers would be left to choose primarily between to national wireless carriers.

Wireless Network

T-Mobile owns licenses to operate a 1900 MHz GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) PCS (Personal Communications Service) digital cellular network and a 1700 MHz/2100 MHz UMTS AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) digital cellular network.

Ok, way too technical with the jargon there just know they operate a GSM network which is compatible with ATT's GSM network.

If you really want the scoop on the network, realize that the company is marketing its HSPA+ services as 4G.

T-Mobile HotSports: operates a nationwide Wi-Fi Internet access network. This service allows you to get online at over 8,350 access points which include: Starbucks, hotels, airport clubs and lounges and FedEx Office and Print Centers. This is just a sampling of locations to give you a better idea of where you can find a T-Mobile HotSpot service.

A Maverick Keeping the Industry Active

You can never fault TMo for being predictable and not innovative. This is one of the most progressive companies you will find. It all begins with their marketing which uses such famous people as:

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Charles Barkley
  • Dwight Howard.

Simply put T-Mo ensures you will get the best deals and rates possible on your wireless phone service. Even if you're not a customer of them, they force the other carriers to adapt their prices accordingly.

For instance, in September 2010 the company launched "Kids are free till 2012" for family lines. Obviously the cell phone industry was not ready for this. Also they have a promotion where you can get two lines for $49.99 which includes: unlimited minutes, unlimited messaging and unlimited data (upto 2 GB before throttling takes place) all when you agree to a new 2yr contract.

Throttling you ask?

Throttling is when your wireless phone service provider will begin to slowdown your data speeds because you are a heavy user. So technically you cannot call the plan unlimited because once you reach a limit the speed is throttled downward.

Innovative Service Plan Options

It gets even better with the options available to you. It's called the Even More Plus plans. These plans do not require customers to enter into a contract and you can use your own GSM mobile phone or purchase an unsubsidized handset from the company at full retail price. Since your phone is not being subsidized you will get cheaper monthly rates compared to other customers on comparable plans.

In a nutshell you cannot go wrong with this company they have something to meet whatever your needs or desires. We'd really see them to fall under the fold of ATT because as the DOJ says it will reduce competition and ultimately lead to higher prices for consumers.

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