ATT Offers the Best in Wireless Phone Services

ATT is the place to turn for the best in wireless phone services. If you're not convinced just remember that AT&T Mobility was good enough for Steve Jobs and the folks at Apple to make them the exclusive cell phone provider for their iconic iPhone.

ATT is the second largest wireless phone service provider in the United States with just under 100 million customers. If you have been following the news you know that this can all change in the next few years.

AT&T Mobility on March 20, 2011 announced that it has plans to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion. What is very interesting is that AT&T even put in a clause in the contract that they'd pay a $6 billion breakup fee if they are unable to purchase T-Mobile. This may actually become a reality because the U.S. Department of Justice is currently suing to block the deal on grounds of antitrust.

But if the deal does pass ATT becomes the largest carrier in the United States with a stunning 160 million customers. Let's put that in context... there are only 312 million people in America!

Key Benefits of Choosing AT&T

Mobile to Mobile: you'll be able to enjoy free, unlimited calling to anyone who uses AT&T wireless phone services.

RolloverR Minutes: your unused minutes aren't tossed out at the end of the month, instead they are added to your allotment for the next month. Only caveat being the minutes will expire after 12 billing periods but either way this is a great deal.

Newest Smartphones: if you want a great selection of new smartphones you simply cannot go wrong with this wireless carrier.

AT&T Upgrade AdvantageSM: this is a special program that rewards you for staying with them. You'll get discounts on smartphones and the higher your monthly rate plan and data package rates the more you'll save (how about just give us the savings upfront).

Looking Under The Hood: AT&T's Network

ATT prides itself on having a wireless phone service that covers 97% of Americans with nationwide GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology.

AT&T Mobility has several levels of service available to meet all of your smartphone needs and they include:

HSPA+: will deliver speeds up to 4x faster than ordinary mobile broadband.

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone Service): is the leading 3G technology for worldwide coverage and also allows for:

  • vertical-specific devices
  • video and music on-demand
  • digital TV and radio
  • services e.g. security video monitoring.

These technologies allow you to take a phone call, surf the web and text all at the same time.

This is something you cannot do on many of the other wireless phone service provider networks.

LTE (Long Term Evolution): is a next generation network coming soon that will allow two layers of network technology to deliver 4G speeds. In basic words it means you will have a smoother and more consistent mobile broadband experience.

EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution): this will allow you to have mobile access at corporate applications at a very high speed. ATT's existing nationwide EDGE/Wi-Fi service makes corporate users very mobile.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service): first level of data service on GSM which allows nationwide text and email service and basic WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) internet browsing. This is the service you'll want form quick messaging phones and smartphones.

Formerly Cingular Wireless

You heard that correctly AT&T Mobility was formerly Cingular Wireless.

It actually is quite confusing figuring out the history of Cingular and AT&T. Did you know that in February 2004 Cingular purchased AT&T Wireless Services and renamed the company to the New Cingular Wireless Services, Inc.

So then in March of 2006 AT&T, Inc. (the parent company) announced that it would acquire BellSouth. The deal closed on December 29, 2006 and in January AT&T announced a major rebranding. Cingular would now be rebranded as AT&T and be the company we know it to be.

Apparently not everyone has gotten the memo about this transition because there are many instances where you can still use Cingular to access AT&T.

The Round Up

You really cannot go wrong when going with this wireless phone service. They are here to stay and are constantly updating their network to meet the demands of data hungry consumers. Key selling points such as Rollover Minutes and the ability to talk while consuming data are features which cannot be ignored.

Plus in today's day and age where we want the latest and newest smartphones you will find a great selection here from new to refurbished smartphones.

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