Blackberry Torch 9860 Makes A Huge Splash for Research In Motion

The Blackberry Torch 9860 is a premier RIM Blackberry that you'll want to own especially if you're a fan of touch screens and getting things done while having fun. Stick with me as I give you the play by play inside scoop with one of my favorite Blackberry Torch reviews.

An Amazing Touch Screen

You're going to absolutely fall in love with the 3.7-inch touch screen on this Blackberry Torch. Currently it is one of the largest screens on any of the smartphones that Research in Motion produces. This device has a pixel level of 480 x 800 which comes out to a 252 ppi pixel density.

This Blackberry is made for fingers, especially with a TFT capacitive touchscreen composed of 16-million colors. And it's multitouch too. Liquid smooth is the only way to consider the display on your Blackberry Torch 9860.

Think typing is going to be a problem on a touch screen? Well, think again. You'll have an accurate typing experience that is smooth and typos will be a thing of the past. There are actually two onscreen keyboard formats that are both touch screen:

  • Portrait SureType QWERTY and
  • Multitap, landscape QWERTY.

Plus there's an optical trackpad to help you navigate and you really cannot go wrong with this combination of an all touch screen Blackberry Torch 9860.

Fuel For Your Torch

A torch needs an ignitor which comes in the form of a 1.2GHz QC 8655 processor so you definitely have enough firepower so to speak. This is all backed by 768 MB RAM of memory. Need a little bit more storage?

You're taken care of with 4 GB on board and an expandable microSD card affording up to 32 GB of additional storage. This means taking photos, having video and music will not be a problem on the Blackberry Torch 9860. Here's a rundown on the media supported:

  • Video formats: MP4, M4A, 3GP, M4V, AVI, ASF, WMV.
  • Audio formats: MP4, M4A, 3GP, M4V, AVI, ASF, WMA, MP3, FLAC, OGG, AAC, AMR, WAV, MID, QCP.
  • Picture formats: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, WBMP.

Clearly, this is an extensive list of media offerings and I think it will cover just about every one of your RIM Blackberry needs.

Lasting Battery Power

If you have every traveled one of the worst experiences when it comes to your smartphone is running out of battery power before reaching your final destination. I've seen on many occasions where individuals would run into a cellphone store to use one of their chargers for a few minutes just so they can make a desperately needed phone call.

This does not have to be you as you will find out from these Blackberry Torch reviews. Your device comes equipped with a 1230 mAh removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This means you'll have the following amounts of usage:

  • Talk time: up to 6.8hrs (CDMA) and up to 6.1hrs (UMTS)
  • Standby time: up to 13.9 days (GSM) and up to 13.5 days (UMTS)
  • Music playback: up to 44 hours
  • Video playback: up to 6.6 hours

A RIM Blackberry Camera

You're going to have to get over the fact the camera comes in at a slightly disappointing 5-megapixels, but hey it still gets the job done with some cool features I might say. There's continuous autofocus, flash and 720p HD video recording.

But there's more:

  • Face detection
  • Image stabilization
  • Geo-tagging
  • 4x digital zoom (still images only)
  • Zero shutter lag

With that list of features you cannot go wrong with the Blackberry Torch 9860 in your pocket to use as a smartphone and camera.

Talking about pockets, let's go over the actual dimensions of this device. You have a height of 4.72 inches, width of 2.44 inches, depth of 0.45 inches and it weighs in very lightly at 4.76 oz.

Why The Blackberry Torch 9860 Is A Must

Blackberries were once thought as the device for corporates and suits but that has all changed with this RIM Blackberry. One feature that you'll enjoy is Blackberry Balance which serves to keep your work and private life separate, all the while using the same smartphone.

Blackberry Messenger aka BBM is at the cornerstone of any Blackberry experience and the Torch 9860 is no exception. Finally, you can break away from having to pay text messaging fees to your carrier with BBM. There are a number of great features you will find within BBM too.

In Blackberry Messenger 6 you can share calendars and GPS locations to your contacts. Also your apps can be connected to BBM allowing you to stay in touch with your friends and contacts right within the app itself. Well only those apps that support BBM.

The software behind your Blackberry Torch is absolutely out of this world. Blackberry 7 OS will make each and every one of your days. I'm talking about voice-activated universal search so you can say, "Look ma' no hands" as your device is now hands free enabling you to look for:

  • files
  • email
  • contacts
  • music.

Let's not forget the Blackberry browser that supports HTML 5. This means fast page loads and you'll really like the seamless scrolling and zooming especially recalling that the Blackberry Torch 9860 has liquid graphic display.

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