Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango Update from Microsoft

Here's what Microsoft has to say...

Today we're starting the roll out of Windows Phone 7.5 to more than 98% of existing Windows Phone customers. This is a simultaneous, coordinated, global update that cuts across carriers, phone models and countries. This time, almost everybody is going first.

So we're deliberately starting out slow. This week we'll be making the update available to 10% of customers.

Did you just hear that?

Practically everyone will be getting the update today but here's the kicker. Only 10% of customers are going to be able to install and use Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update.

Clearly this doesn't make sense at all. But it's not in your power to control things you'll just have to go along with things.

Here are the key items included in Windows Phone Mango update:

  • Facebook Places support integrated

  • Contacts can be grouped and pinned to homescreen

  • Twitter and LinkedIn support

  • Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat

  • Threaded messages and email

  • A suite of Bing stuff (Song ID, QR code reader, Album/CD cover identifier, etc.)

  • New camera user interface

  • Internet Explorer 9

  • Ringtone management

  • Front facing camera support

  • Depending on your carrier: Visual voicemail, internet tethering.

Looks like there is a lot that is about to hit the market for everyone who is into their Windows Phone. So definitely look forward to this Windows Mango update.

We gotta thank the folks at for keeping us in the know about these Window Phone Mango developments.

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