Get More with Virgin Mobile's payLo Wireless Plans

The Virgin Mobile payLo prepaid cellular service is excellent for those wanting options when it comes to their no contract smartphone. This is the most bang for your buck all on the Sprint Nationwide Network which reaches over 278 million people.

Let's not waste your time and get right into what's most important. How much are you going to be saving each month?

payLo Plan Pricing Details

There are three great prepaid cell phone plans available.

Plan Price Minutes Messages Web Access Expiration
TALK & TEXT $30 1500 1500 30MB 1 MO.
TALK $20 400 $.15/each* $1.50/MB 1 MO.
BASIC RATE $20 $.20/min $.15/each* $1.50/MB 90 DAYS

*Picture Messaging: $.25 each

If you need more than what is already included in your payLo plan here is what you're looking to pay:

  • Minute Plan Minutes: $.10 each**
  • Text & Messaging Rate: $.15 each
  • Picture Message Rate: $.25 each
  • Web Access Rate: $1.50/MB

**Does not apply to Basic Rate Minutes.

These are no contract smartphones and you can pay with cash, credit, debit or PayPal.

How Virgin Mobile payLo Works

This a very seamless process. With four basic steps:

  1. Buy a smartphone
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Activate online
  4. Pay for your plan

Trust us you cannot go wrong because this is one of the best prepaid cell phone plans.

Smartphone Selection

The prepaid smartphone selection is the only area where we can find fault. The selection is not the best but payLo (as the name implies) is not targeting the high-end consumer. You will be happy to know the prices for each cell phone is very doable. The price range is from a low of $10 to a high of $70 and you will own the cell phone outright.

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