Verizon Wireless Sharing Your Private Information for Business and Marketing Purposes

Verizon Wireless has changed its privacy policy so that the carrier can now use information for "private business and marketing reports" and making "mobile ads more relevant."

If you love your privacy begin running for the hills or welcome to a life that is comparable to George Orwell's book 1984 and the notion of "Big Brother." Verizon Wireless will now share the URL of websites you visit, the location of your smart phone as well app and device feature usage.

Verizon Wireless would like you to know that they will not be sharing any information that can identify you personally. For instance, the information will be used to generate reports such as, "5,000 of its customers visited ESPN during any given month and 89% were men."

We definitely do not like where this is headed from the folks in Big Red.

This is all about making money off of consumers as seen in the example of, "A local restaurant may want to advertise only to people who live within 10 miles, and we might help deliver that ad on a website without sharing information that identifies you personally,” Verizon Wireless said.

If you don't like this change to the Verizon Wireless policy be sure to visit to stop Verizon Wireless from collecting your personal information.

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