Unlimited Voice, Text And Data From Republic Wireless for $19 A Month

Republic Wireless is about to turn the cell phone industry upside down with its ridiculous cheap pricing of $19 a month for unlimited voice, text and data. You'll be happy to know there aren't any bandwidth caps placed on your data usage either.

What's the catch?

Well in this case the catch entails Republic Wireless offering a hybrid service of VOIP and cellular voice. To achieve such low prices the service will work by making VOIP phone calls over Wi-Fi and then switching to cellular-based calling when Wi-Fi is unavailable. One downer to the whole experience is that the service will require a special Android smartphone.

When you aren't in a Wi-Fi area, Republic Wireless will put your calls through using Sprint's network. This kinda explains why the pricing is so low each month as well. The company has purchased minutes in bulk from Sprint allowing them to get wholesale pricing that they pass on to you the consumer. Alright, let's be clear it won't be just Sprint but other wireless carriers too for the minutes.

If you travel a lot you are definitely going to like having one cell phone that is able to automatically switch from Wi-Fi to cellular networks as needed. Say goodbye to running up a huge phone bill now.

Let's clarify your options about unlimited 3G data. This is a fact. Unlike other companies which may cap or throttle your data service after you reach 5GB this will not be the case with Republic Wireless. For some wireless providers unlimited actually means unlimited as is the case with Republic Wireless.


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