United States Tops in Long Term Evolution (LTE) Throughout The World

The United States leads the world in Long Term Evolution (LTE) smartphone and modem subscribers, but the U.S. will not be tops forever. In the study by TeleGeography, although the U.S. is leading currently, the future does not look so bright simply due to a numbers standpoint.

As Asia builds up its LTE infrastructure they will be able to put all of North America to shame because their population vastly outnumbers the North America region. The study believes the Asia-Pacific region will surpass North America as early as 2013 due to the population difference between the regions and Asia rolling out LTE much faster than what had been expected.

Verizon Wireless actually leads the globe in the number of LTE subscribers where they have 3.1 million subscribers which accounts for 60 percent of the global total. You may be surprised to learn Verizon Wireless was not the first to launch LTE that goes to TeliaSonera and in the U.S. MetroPCS, but Verizon was able to launch on the largest scale and thus have the most subscribers as it now stands.

Again, the LTE title will be moving from North America to the Asia-Pacific region as China, Japan and South Korea move to implement their Long Term Evolution networks.


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