T-Mobile Jumps into the Apple vs Samsung Patent Dispute

T-Mobile has just weighed in on the Apple vs Samsung patent dispute. This is an ongoing case that began in April when Apple sued Samsung over smartphones.

Apple came out the winner because they were able to get a preliminary injunction on three smartphones in the Netherlands. Yes, injunction as in Samsung is not allowed to ship or sell the said smartphones to consumers.

This explains why the wireless carriers are now getting involved. T-Mobile USA realizes that if the courts rule in Apple's favor it is not good for business especially when you're in the business of selling smartphones.

Even Verizon is getting into the Apple vs Samsung fray. Verizon on Monday filed paperwork with the Northern District Court of California saying a ban on Samsung products, or Apple's attempt to do so, would hurt Verizon's ability to roll out its 4G LTE network.

"That investment depends on consumers having access to devices that can make use of that network,” Verizon said in the filing. “The accused Samsung devices are among the few products that can access Verizon Wireless’s next-generation high-speed network.”

Verizon and T-Mo would be in a world of trouble if the leading smartphones they are planning on promoting and launching suddenly becomes unavailable. They say time is money but so are smartphones...there's a lot of money at stake for everyone involved.

“At this late date, T-Mobile could not find comparable replacement products for the 2011 holiday season,” said T-Mobile in the filing. “These investments cannot be recouped easily.”

Ladies and gents please stayed tuned and we'll bring you the latest developments in this ongoing battle. And please mark October 13 on your calendars which is when the court is expected to rule on the Apple vs Samsung case.

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