T-Mobile Having Huge Smartphone Sale on November 19th Phones As Low As $0.00

On November 19th it will be Magenta Day at T-Mobile where on this Saturday you can purchase any smartphone on any of T-Mobile's Unlimited Value Plans and receive a Mail-In-Rebate, bringing your net downpayment on your device to $49.99 or even as low as $0.00 in some cases.

T-Mobile has not began their marketing initiative for this promotion, so you have the inside scoop. But on tomorrow the company will be rolling out their TV, Radio, Print and Digital ad campaign to promote this weekend's special promotions. On tomorrow individual T-Mobile retail stores will begin receiving their promotional materials, merchandising information and displays.

Here's a run down on what to expect for this Saturday, November 19th:

  • An Equipment installment plan of $5 to $20 per month will still apply

  • Customers will pay full device down payment until they submit and receive mail-in rebate

  • Must sign up for new Unlimited Value Talk, Text, Web Value Plan (2GB minimum)

  • Existing customers eligible within 18+ months of contract tenure

  • T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet will also be included

  • No other mobile broadband or tablets included in promotion

  • Promotion will kick off Black Friday shopping period with T-Mobile’s most aggressive offer

  • All Smartphones at $49 or less down payment

  • Stores receiving enough inventory to last through sale and Black Friday, additional inventory on “high priority accessory items for key devices” as well

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