Sprint's Carrier IQ May Be Spying On Everything You Do On Your Sprint Phone

Carrier IQ is pre-installed software found on Sprint phones and there is growing alarm that this software is intrusive and invasive of your privacy. The Carrier IQ software is capable of detecting, recording, and transmitting your actions while on your smart phone.

CIQ may have access to some of your most sensitive data which includes:

  • location

  • email

  • SMS

  • key strokes

  • apps.

Clearly not the items you want your mobile phone operator to have access to under any circumstances.

CIQ software was originally installed on Sprint devices as a way to identify global issues in the fleet of devices but if this is the case why would the software even be set up to engage in accessing what most consumers would consider to be their private data.

CIQ claims their software does not do any of the following:
Does not record your keystrokes.
-Does not provide tracking tools.
-Does not inspect or report on the content of your communications, such as the content of emails and SMSs.
-Does not provide real-time data reporting to any customer.
-Finally, we do not sell Carrier IQ data to third parties.

But the operative theory is cloaked in legalese and playing with the definition of words. Notice keywords of: record, inspect, provide and report. So in reality one can assume and be confident the software has access to your private data and the companies are trying to save face by using technical words to say what the software is not doing, but this doesn't prevent the CIQ software from actually visiting your private data.


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