Sprint 4G LTE Network Coming in 2012

Sprint is the third largest carrier in the United States and desperately needs a way to compete in a world where they are losing badly.

Remember Sprint doesn't have the Apple iPhone and is gravely concerned about the ATT/T-Mobile merger which would essentially make Sprint irrelevant.

So how does Sprint plan to make a comeback and stay competitive?

Sprint plans on launching its 4G LTE network in early 2012. CNET reports that LTE equipment is already built with workers currently field testing the equipment. You definitely cannot knock Sprint for trying. They are going to need every advantage possible to stay ahead so the best way is for Sprint to tout its advanced wireless network. Kudos to Sprint on this one.

Spend money to save money.

Sprint will have to put out $4 to $5 billion over the next 3 to 5 years to get their network going. Over the next 7 years Sprint will actually be able to save $10 to $11 billion by shutting down its iDEN (Nextel network) by 2013. Afterwards Sprint will install equipment allowing it to run both its 3G CDMA network along with the Sprint 4G LTE network.

Let's make this clear and inform you that the 4G LTE network is based on the same LTE variant as Verizon's FD-LTE network.

So is there reason to get excited about Sprint?

Some would argue with the iPhone 5 coming along with Sprint's unlimited data plans and advanced 4G LTE network Sprint is well positioned to be a competitor.

Well only time will tell what will happen.

Get the full story at: http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/27/sprints-4g-lte-network-to-go-live-early-next-year/

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