Smartphone Virus What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

Smartphone virus cases are going to explode in the near future as hackers exploit smartphone security vulnerabilities in the devices that more and more people carry with them everyone. Do you think you're safe from smartphone malware? If you said yes, then there is much for you to learn to protect yourself.

Keeping your smart phone protected is important because of all the critical information held on your device. Do you have stored passwords allowing for easy access to your banking center, credit cards or any other financial institutions. A lot of individuals do and you'd be up a creek if your information made it into the hands of a hacker.

How about the fact that your phone is connected to a wireless carrier for monthly billing. This may not seem like a big issue but it is. If there is a lapse in your smartphone security someone can ring up hundreds of dollars in a month sending text messages to a premium number or calling those 1-900 numbers on your behalf. When you get a bill for over $500 you'll promptly realize your smartphone is not as secure as you thought.

It's a shame everyone from the personal computing era is aware of computer viruses, but when it comes to a smartphone virus they act as though it could never happen to them. Well, hate to burst your bubble but that device which is always in your pocker or in your hands is a highly sought after target.

All you have to do is look at what took place with News Corp and the many cases where reporters were illegally snooping on the phones of people. And if you're a celebrity then that is just a whole can of worms when it comes to the pictures on your device. How many times does an unsavory or adult pic from a celebrity make the news all because the smartphone security was sorely lacking? Remember, it only takes one and only one time for a smartphone virus to hit your phone and really put a damper on things.

Smartphone Operating Systems (OS) Security Levels

No company wants to be know as the organization which is prone to viruses and malware but not all of the mobile operating systems are created equal. For the most part the OS has security features to keep you safe, but hackers will always try to game the system and access your personal data using any means necessary.

Closed systems like Apple's iOS and Research In Motion's Blackberry OS are safer. Think about how Apple is so tight-fisted, and exerts control of both the hardware and software. This may be an inconvenience but it does mean you have a higher level of smartphone security.

Remember the annoyance developers were facing because Apple had to approve or deny each and every app that would make it onto the Apple ecosystem? This was done to ensure that there was a great user experience and also that no malware would make it on Apple devices.

RIM made a name for itself by being known as super secure. Encryption and super reliable email security brought Blackberries to the forefront in the business community and for consumers too. Research In Motion is so confident in the security of their devices that they will argue you do not even need to purchase any smartphone antivirus protection. If you look at history, they very well may be correct because malware attacks on the Blackberry OS remain practically unheard.

Google Android is an open OS and this poses a problem for you. Android is prone to smartphone virus attack and malware cropping up. Obviously, Google is going to do everything to attack any virus or malware because as mentioned earlier having a smartphone virus just is not good for business. When consumer confidence drops Google's Android is losing money.

Google tackles the problem of hackers going after its OS by having to continually release new updates in a never-ending game of cat and mouse that has no end in sight. Although, Android's security seems to be holding the upperhand as of now.

Download Apps At Your Own Risk

Apps will be the number way for your smartphone to become infected with a virus or smartphone malware. Basically, the safest thing to do is only download your apps from officially sanctioned app stores. When you start downloading on the black market the chances of you getting a smartphone virus increase exponentially.

Do you realize the permissions that you grant to apps?

In many cases when you download a virus free app or one infected with malware you are granting the app access to the core of your smartphone. This means your contact list, billing information, stored data, email and your photos. Basically, whatever is on your phone the app has free-range to visit. So if you get an app loaded with malware the first thing it will do is begin to hijack your personal data and transmit it somewhere without your approval, knowledge or permission. Definitely not a good aspect at all.

Keeping Your Smartphone Safe

There are steps you can take to keep your smartphone safe and free of malware.

For starters only download apps from legitimate sources. Don't go loading up on apps from third parties that you know nothing about. When you use the official app stores, the apps are reviewed and checked for viruses to limit infections taking place.

Even if you are getting your apps from the official app store be smart about what you download. Apps of a blantant adult nature preaching "SEX! SEX! SEX" or "XYZ Celeb's SEX Tape" should be avoided. These rogue apps prey on people downloading the novel apps and human curiousity.

Secondly, watch what you do with your phone online. This means avoiding all those shady websites and questionable URLs and links you're given. Just like on a pc or mac when you open up a link or visit a website this the point of infection. Simply use your better judgment in deciding what you're doing online. Also be sure to clear your browsing history periodically.

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