Siri Is Down For The Count AKA Extended Outage

Siri, Apple Inc's virtual assistant is apparently experiencing an extended outage. Now we know this is nothing like the Blackberry outage but it is causing a problem for the fanboys.

Currently, when using Siri this is the message you'll receive, "Sorry, I am having trouble connecting to the network" and does nothing.

Obviously, most people using Siri on their iPhone 4S are unaware if the outage is just their particular Apple device or something more global. People are beginning to tweet about the Siri outage to get confirmation as to what exactly is going on.

Apparently, for some Siri has been down for awhile. There are reports the service hasn't been working for a good portion of the day.

The big question is will there be outrage and demands for compensation as what Research In Motion experienced? We're going to step out on a limb and say this will not occur. Also, Apple can simply toss all complaints aside be reiterating to consumers the fact that, "Siri is a beta product." Additionally, all other portions of the phone is working unlike the case with RIM where internet, email and data was down.

If we're doing a round up of Apple's iPhone 4S we have to question the company on several fronts. There iOS 5 was found to be faulty and drains the battery life and now we have Siri service disruption.

Last year there was Antenna Gate.

This all goes to ask, "Is Apple's quality on the decline?" No one wants to talk about these things but it is high time they were mentioned.

Until them, the fanboys continue to flock to everything from Cupertino with complete zeal and a disregard for the implication of things.

We're sure we are overreacting about Siri and Apple. This will go away very soon. We'll just wait and see what the official word is.

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