Samsung Is Now The World's Top Smartphone Vendor By Volume Ousting Apple

Folks you heard that correctly, Samsung just announced on their Q3 earnings call that they shipped 27.9 million smartphones in the quarter, handily beating Apple's 17.1 million iPhones shipped. What makes this story amazing is that Samsung has not been in the smartphone arena for very long. Samsung just began selling smartphones last year. Kinda sounds like history repeating itself because remember Apple Inc. only entered the smartphone race in June 2007.

So we have to ask how did Samsung make it to the top spot in the world?

Well for starters, having top selling devices such as the Galaxy lineup certainly helps the cause. The company utilizes extensive global distribution networks, and runs the ever popular Google Android operating system. You combine this with sleek and modern design finishes along with great sub-brands and you have the recipe for gaining the top smartphone spot in the entire world.

According to market research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s stellar quarter drove huge growth in worldwide smartphone sales. “Global smartphone shipments grew 44 percent annually to reach a record 117 million units in Q3 2011,” Strategy Analytics Senior Analyst Alex Spektor said in a press release.

Samsung is powering the world forward when it comes to smart phones. They even were able to quadruple their smartphone ships from the same period last year.

For everyone who believes Apple's iPhones are the best and shall always remain at the top remember the Motorola RAZR and how it was pummeled by Apple. Now we're seeing history repeat itself and will it be the Samsung Galaxy S II that brings down the iPhone 4S? Only time can tell but just know, dynasties never last forever.

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