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Stay informed on your RIM stock. When you invest knowing the news and having access to the latest market conditions makes all the difference between coming out on top or falling into a bear market.

Crackberry enthusiasts you're covered here. This is your financial "Bloomberg Terminal" for all things related to Research in Motion. A savvy investor keeps their fingers on the pulse of the market.

If there is breaking news that will cause Blackberry to tick upward or downwards you'll know it here first. Product launches definitely have a say in market conditions along with any developments coming from the founders: Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie.

Okay, let's stop the commentary and hop right into what matters...

Here is the latest market developments for Blackberry:

Be sure to review the major news developments too. This can really influence the price of your shares on a daily basis. Clearly, great news coming out of Waterloo will definitely send your shares upward. On the otherhand, if Blackberry fails to innovate and keep pace with their competitors we're sure you'll begin to execute sell orders.

Minute by Minute RIMM Updates

Daily Blackberry Ticker Updates

There you have it everything you'll need to be one of the most informed Research in Motion investors. We're not financial analysts so don't expect us to provide tips about when to buy or sell we'll save that for the Wall Streeters, Cramer's and Orman's of the world.

Please do trust us on all things smartphones though. We live and breathe the stuff.

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