Top Reasons for Pay As You Go Wireless

Pay as you go wireless is truly a no contract smartphone prepaid cellular service at its best. You are only paying for what you actually use and nothing more. So all those with commitment issues you've just found the best option for you.

Here are the basics...

With pay as you go wireless you never waste money by paying for a full month's worth of service. Instead, you pay the a la carte model. This means if you need XYZ amount of minutes and messages you only pay for this amount and nothing more.

But the catch is that what you purchase does not last forever. Your prepaid smartphone carrier typically uses an expiration date. Generally, you have roughly one month to use what you purchase before it cannot be used again.

Convenience in Your Purchase

There used to be a time where the only way you could purchase your minutes and messaging was through a convenience store or local retailer. Not anymore. Nowadays the internet makes life so much easier for you when you use pay as you go wirelss prepaid cellular service.

You activate your newly purchased smartphone online and add money to your balance online. Let's not be mistaken you can still purchase the smartphone cards which "Top-Up," "Re-Boost" or whatever happens to be the terminology for adding more value to your smartphone account.

How The Plans Work

You have options when it comes to how you use your no contract smartphone account. For some individuals you'd like to pay about $30 and in return get a set amount of:

  • Minutes
  • Messages
  • Web Access

which you can use to your heart's content but will usually expire after 30 days.

Contrast this to where you pay exactly for what you use. In this case you add approximately $30 to your account but you will pay for everything you use such as:

  • $0.10 - $0.20 per minute
  • $0.10 - $0.15 for each message
  • $1.50 for each MB of web access

as you can tell you are definitely paying for each and everything you use. Since you are using this option then you have anywhere from on average 60 to 120 days before your minutes, messages, and web access expires.

As you can tell this is much different from your prepaid cell phone plans. Because with the prepaid cell phone plan you generally pay for a full month's worth of minutes, messaging and web access. But you are not locked into a contract as you would be with your traditional postpaid cell phone plan.

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