Nexus Prime Brought to You by Google and Samsung Is Coming

Have you been waiting for the Nexus Prime? Your wait may be over as Samsung is sending out invitations for a special Samsung/Google event on October 11 at 11:30am in San Diego. No topic has been provided but the invitation reads, "get a look at what's new from Android."

The Nexus Prime is a smartphone that has been in the rumor mill for a few months and hopefully we'll be able to turn all those rumors into fact or fiction in a few short days.

You should be excited by this device which pairs Samsung and Google because it will be running on Ice Cream Sandwich. You got it, the next edition of the Android OS which follows after Gingerbread. (Yup Android is into the dessert column with the names but that's an entirely different topic).

Since we haven't confirmed specifics yet we're still weak on the specs but believe the Nexus Prime will feature:

  • dual-core processor

  • 4.5 or 4.65-inch screen

  • 4G

Rumor has it the Nexus Prime will be running on Verizon's 4G network too!

So stay tuned for October 11 when we report in great detail on the smartphone that is released by Samsung and Google, where there could also be a new tablet as well.

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