Mitt Romney Says Obama is a Pay Phone While He's a Smartphone Presidential Candidate

Mitt Romney Apple iPhone Smartphone

Mitt Romney Apple iPhone Smartphone

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes no bones that we are living in a smartphone world but believes President Obama hasn't gotten the memo. Romney believes Obama's strategies are of the pay phone age and putting more money i.e. stimulus won't solve the problem because the cord has already been cut.

Let's paraphrase what Mitt Romney has to say about the President's economic policies, "President Obama's strategy is a pay-phone strategy and we're in a smartphone world...what he's doing is taking quarters and stuffing them into a pay-phone, and he can't figure out why it's not working. It's not connected anymore Mr. President."

Looks like Mr. Romney is taking a swipe at President Obama positioning himself as an Apple Inc. White House when last week it was announced White House staffers would not be able to access their government emails on Apple iPhones and iPads using a secure internet connection. You clearly, can't fault any Republican candidate for coyly throwing the smartphone reference right back at Barack Obama.

All the political pundits understand why that smartphone reference is so important to Mitt Romney. Smartphones are associated with being Hip and Young.

At the end of the day it will come down to a Smartphone World vs. Pay-phone Plan.

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