iPhone 6 Is Already in News Before iPhone 5 Launches

Apple Inc. surely isn't wasting any time getting the ball rolling on their next Apple iPhone.

Reports from DigiTimes state the next iPhone, well the one which comes out in 2012 or later which will be referred to as the iPhone 6 will have a curved touch screen. Apparently, having a curved glass screen will make the smartphone much more comfortable for you when using the device. Also if you're accident prone you are in luck. A curved screen is better able to protect the glass from scratches when placed face down on a surface.

It is believed Apple has contacted the following glass manufacturers in preparation of their next shipment of iPhones: Lens Technology, G-Tech and Fuji Crystal.

Lastly it should be noted that it is not just Apple Inc. that is gearing up to release smartphones with curved screens. It is highly likely that curved glass screens may be the new trend going into 2012 but everyone will have to take a wait and see approach. It all depends on manufacturing and consumer demand for the curved screens.

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