iOS 5.0.1 Released By Apple Which Takes Care Of Security Risk

iOS 5.0.1 has been released by Apple and promises to do more than just fix that major battery issue. Apparently there is a major security flaw which a developer has brought to Apple's attention too. The flaw was revealed by Charlie Miller which would allow developers to sneak malicious apps past Apple's review process.

This is big news because a hacker could exploit this flaw to steal data from your iPhone or perform any number of unauthorized functions.

Mr. Miller is an Accuvant LABS security expert and to prove to Apple just what he found he actually went ahead and planted an app in the Apple Store that does exactly what he said it could do. Obviously, the folks in Cupertino were not to keen about this and immediately suspended Charlie's developer account. So much for trying to do good.

Well, actually Mr. Miller probably went to far by planting a malicious app in the Apple App Store. Hopefully, both parties can reach some agreement and Charlie's developer account may be restored.

For all of us folks who aren't well versed in the specifics of what the security risks means there is nothing to be concerned about because iOS 5.0.1 resolves the issue which Mr. Miller had brought to Apple's attention.

In a nutshell your battery life should be seeing extended life and a security loophole has been closed.

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