IBM Providing Corporations With Smartphone Security

Smartphones are popping up everywhere and this includes in the business sector too. Well, IBM not one to let an opportunity go to waste is debuting a new service, Hosted Mobile Device Security Management to help businesses secure mobile devices that have access to corporate data.

It looks like IBM may be taking on the role of "Big Brother" when you get to the heart of what the mobile security platform will allow companies to do. Yet again, one must consider we're talking about companies and their sensitive data so maybe the Big Brother reference is stretching things.

Device Security Management service will allow companies protect against and monitor data loss and other risks caused by:

  • theft

  • unauthorized access

  • malware

  • spyware

  • inappropriate apps.

IBM is not going it alone to make all of this possible it is working with Juniper Networks to provide the protection and management services which will be made available on the following platforms:

  • Apple iOS

  • Google Android

  • Blackberry

  • Symbian

  • Microsoft Windows Phone.

So why would an organization want to use IBM's Device Security Management Services?

Device Security Management would allow businesses to configure and monitor employee smartphones to:

  • comply with security policies

  • secure data after device is lost or stolen

  • help find lost or stolen device

  • protect against spyware and viruses

  • detect and remove malicious & unapproved applications

  • track user activity

  • maintain secure web connections.

Well, IBM is not the first company in the field of providing mobile security to enterprises because there already exists Lookout's Mobile Security App, Zenprise, and Enterproid.

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