Google Responds to Microsoft's Patent Agreement with Samsung

Earlier today Microsoft and Samsung announced a cross-licensing agreement over patents. This is the first in a series of steps which begins to erode the perception that Google's Android operating system is free. It all boils down to Samsung agreeing to pay Microsoft to use Android.

Here is what Google has to say about the Microsoft and Samsung cross-licensing agreement:

“This is the same tactic we’ve seen time and again from Microsoft. Failing to succeed in the smartphone market, they are resorting to legal measures to extort profit from others’ achievements and hinder the pace of innovation. We remain focused on building new technology and supporting Android partners.”

There certainly is more to this developing story as the heavy weights battle it out.

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer is on record stating that Android is not free. Instead, you have to pay Microsoft for the patents it violates. So the Samsung deal that Microsoft has entered into is a way for the Redmond company to ensure they maintain the upper hand in what is going to be a gruesome fight to the end.

Microsoft Responds to Google
Yes Microsoft went on Twitter to respond to Google's claims with this tweet, "let me boil down the Google statment they gave to @parislemon, from 48 words to 1: Waaaah."

In Microsoft's Twitter battle they go on to link to the following Microsoft blog entry:

We recognize that some businesses and commentators – Google chief among them – have complained about the potential impact of patents on Android and software innovation. To them, we say this: look at today’s announcement. If industry leaders such as Samsung and HTC can enter into these agreements, doesn’t this provide a clear path forward?

There you have it the epic battle that is just beginning. We're sure there will be much more to write about especially since we're talking millions or perhaps billions of dollars at stake.

We'd be remiss if we didn't thank those at for digging up this gem.

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