Top Free Blackberry Apps - Everything You Need to Know

Want free Blackberry apps? This is the place to get the low down on the most popular Blackberry applications. You'll find everything you need to know about successfully navigating the Blackberry App World to find exactly what you're looking for.

But keep your eyes open because you may an unexpected surprise that makes life great!

Popular Categories

Here are the top categories for free Blackberry apps. Its not a surprise that the leading two categories are: 1. IM & Social Networking 2. Photo & Video. Followed by:

  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Music & Audio
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Weather
  • Maps & Navigation
  • News
  • Business
  • Reference & eBooks
  • Travel
  • Shopping

Clearly, you have a lot of options and categories to find the best free Blackberry apps to suit your needs.

The Apps That Matter

Here's a run down on the top free Blackberry apps found at the Blackberry app store. To make this simple the app's name is listed in bold followed by a very brief description. If you see one that you like then go ahead and load up the store on your Blackberry and see if it's worth your time to download these free Blackberry apps.

Facebook: your premier social network has an app allowing you to get messages and updates as they arrive, see your friends' profile pics, etc.

Blackberry Messenger: BBM is text messaging on steroids. Play games with others while chatting, share and simply be social.

Windows Live Messenger: now you can chat with your instant messaging IM contacts while on the go, plus you can set your own status too.

WhatsApp Messenger: this is your cross-platform messenging system. If you have friends on Apple, Android, Windows Phone, etc then you want this app to stay in touch with everyone.

Twitter: take Twitter on the go with you and tweet your life away in 140 characters or less.

Yahoo Messenger: now you can chat with your instant messaging IM contacts while on the go, plus you can set your own status too.

iSpeech Translator: this is a text to speech app that allows you to speak and translate any words or phrases including email or text (SMS) in multiple languages.

Easy Smiley Pack for Blackberry Messenger: get additional smileys and emoticons for BBM.

Google Talk: now you can chat with your instant messaging IM contacts while on the go, plus you can set your own status too.

Screen Muncher: allows you to "munch" your Blackberry screen and capture it as an image to post, share or save for later.

Who Is It - LED Light Alerts for Contacts: assign up to 4 colors to dfferent callers. You'll know who's on the line and can deicde whether to take the call, email or SMS now or later.

BeBuzz Free - LED Light Colors: control your Blackberry's front LED color to see who is contacting you without picking up the phone.

crunchSMS: need a souped up version of messaging then this is for you. Features include: chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, text snippets and convenience in replying to incoming text messages.

The Weather Channel: get detailed weather conditions and forecasts along with airport delays and more.

QR Code Scanner Pro: turn your phone into a QR scanner for codes that are square shaped and connect with the physical world around you.

Screen Charger Photo: tired of the boring clock when you plug in your Blackberry. This free Blackberry app turns your phone into a digital picture frame the moment you plug it in.

foursquare: explore the world around you, tell friends where you're at, share pictures, get their comments and get insider tips and reviews of all the places you visit.

Flashlight: a one touch flashlight using your Blackberry's video light so you have the brightest flashlight available.

Blackberry Travel: plan, book, manager and share your travel activities. Find flight schedules and hotel options all from your phone.

Ringtone Composer: a simple way to add custom ringtones to your smartphone. Choose any MP3 tune on your phone and create a ringtone instantly.

UberSocial for Twitter: a great mobile Twitter app built especially for Blackberry users.

Photo Editor Ultimate: need a way to edit your images easily and send them to all of your friends. Comes with crop functionality and no ads or time limits.

ScoreMobile FC: your dedicated mobile free soccer app with coverage of over 100 football leagues and competitions. Track live games with Push Alerts.

Player For YouTube: you can browse, play, search, share and bookmark YouTube videos on your phone with a very easy to use interface.

Navita Translator: translate and speak words from emails, Browser, SMS or typing directly into the software. Supports more than 50 languages.

Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre: keep up to date on every game in England and Scotland, Europe's top leagues, domestic and European Cups and international fixtures.

Battery Watch - Free Power Consumption Monitor: track battery status over time chart battery state by day, week, month and set adjustable warning levels and notifications.

Twinkle: set and keep track of upcoming and past events. You can add events to your calendar or share with a friend through BBM.

Poynt: find businesses, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, gas prices, events and weather around you through your GPS or cell-site location to deliver the information you need when you want it.

DailyHoroscope: get your daily horoscope everyday on the go with the 12 zodiac signs.

Bible: read and share God's word with the Bible that has 50+ free translations and dozens of reading plans.

Blackberry Protect: keeps your information secure if your Blackberry goes missing. You simply log into a website where you can lock, locate or wipe your smartphone from wherever you are.

Pandora: a personalized radio based on your favorite songs or artists. Pandora creates a radio station that explores just that kind of music.

Screen Grabber Free: this is a free blackberry app that captures and allows you to share your screen shots with anyone.

TuneIn Radio: listen to over 50,000 radio stations over a WiFi or cellular data connection. Includes local AM/FM stations, programs and podcasts.

Endomondo Sports Tracker: a free personal coach and training partner offering built-in GPS to track your running, cycling, hiking, kayaking, skiing, etc. You get audio feedback while working out too.

DriveSafely: a mobile app to protect you against distracted driving. It speaks your texts and emails aloud so you can concentrate on driving.

WeatherTrax: find out which way the wind blows, use the weather to your advantage to stay dry when it rains. Easily set upt a city or location to find out the weather instantly.

Fast Photo Editor: an advanced photo editor that allows you to view or browse images and make the changes you want, which include: rotate, change brightness, contrast, and resize, etc.

ExtraFonts: a book of over 100+ fonts to choose from. They are all organized by style and you have the ability to preview before installing.

PhotoClub - Fun Your Photo!: this is a funny machine for your photos where you can adjust photos, add Clipart, add Frames, add Effects and add Custom Elements to name a few things you can do.

Dictionary and Thesaurus: access to over 500,000 words, definitions and synonyms along with phonetic and audio pronunciations.

Lock for Blackberry Messenger: give your BBM complete privacy and security when you password protect your BBM from authorized use while keeping your Blackberry open for normal use like Phone, Internet, Games and Apps, etc.

AppsLock Free: need to lock specific apps on your Blackberry? Now you can lock/unlock specific apps as you see fit.

Memory Booster Pro: will recover lost/used up memory from your device making your applications run faster and smoother.

Caller ID Reader: reads your incoming caller's names aloud and can also help you screen your calls. No need to physically look at your device anymore.

Flixster: get details for the top box office movies, browse a DVD catalog of over 50,000 movies, read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and get all the theater info that you'll need too.

GPS Tool: get basic GPS information such as location, altitude, speed and heading. You can even see the number of satellites, signal strength and location of each satellite.

Free Blackberry Apps Round Up

Hopefully, you've gotten a glimpse as to the wonderful types of free Blackberry apps that are available from Blackberry App World. In no ways is this a complete list of all the free Blackberry apps. This is merely an appetizer (haha excuse the humor) of all the free Blackberry apps available!

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