Droid 4 Reportedly Launching December 8 Along With Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Wireless, surely is not playing around with their inventory which is continually expanding with new smartphones and the latest is the Droid 4 which appears to have a launch target date of December 8. But the Droid 4 will not be alone because the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be launching on the same day too. Talk about having to make decisions when it comes to what new smart phone to get next.

With the onslaught of devices hitting the market it can be challenging to keep up with the specs of each device so here's a recap of what to expect from the Droid 4:

As the name suggests this device will be running Google Android operating system version 2.3.5 aka Gingerbread. Too bad Samsung and Verizon Wireless couldn't deliver the Droid 4 already featuring Google's latest OS in Ice Cream Sandwich.

It seems that there is always an arms race for screen size and display quality and you'll see that the Droid 4 has a four-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display. Since we're talking about the Droid brand it is not surprising to see that the overall shape of the smartphone is comparable to the Razr, which the exception that the Droid 4 comes equipped with a physical keyboard.

With Apple Inc. leading the way with front and rear-facing cameras you'll be happy to know the Droid 4 packs both cameras too, there's HDMI output and full-HD 1080p video recording.

Apparently, there's good reason for why both devices will be launching on the same date: December 8th. Samsung and Verizon Wireless both admit and confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus was to launch earlier but was pushed back to the current date that is being reported as December 8th.

(via Droid Life)

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