Does The Lumia On AT&T Spell The End Of Sprint

Sprint is the third largest carrier in the United States and analysts believe Sprint Nextel is in a lot of trouble in the upcoming months especially if Nokia partners with AT&T Wireless to bring their marquee smartphone the Lumia to AT&T.

This may not seem like much but it actually is because it will allow the other mobile phone operators to differentiate themselves from Sprint. Previously, AT&T was able to command all the attention and revenue because they were the sole carrier of Apple's iconic Apple iPhone. But now the iPhone is available on Verizon Wireless and in the last month on Sprint.

If you do not remember, Sprint agreed to take on the iPhone but made some serious concessions to get the smartphone. Sprint will actually be selling the Apple iPhone at a loss through fiscal year 2015.

AT&T is going to take a strategic position and offer Windows Phones as a way to distinguish itself and attempt to attract enterprise users.

Here's what Kaufman Bros. analyst Ben Abromovitz has to say, "With Sprint-Nextel now the third U.S. carrier with Apple’s iPhone, we believe AT&T and Verizon will increasingly begin focusing their efforts on a Windows phone to offset Apple and target the enterprise market beyond the consumer market,” Abromovitz said in a note to clients. “We believe this poses another potential risk for Sprint and its new long-term commitment to Apple.”


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