Cluzee Is The Siri for Android

Apple knew the day would come when there would be a Siri counterpart for the Google Android ecosystem and it has arrived in Cluzee. Cluzee comes to the world as an Android app from Tronton LLC based in Chicago, Illinois and it bills itself as "Your Intelligent Personal Assistant." And in a direct slap at Apple Inc. the app will be coming to iOS devices too.

Cluzee is here to solve the problem of information overload and to simply make everyone's life easier. Many of the features on Cluzee can be accessed hands-free via voice recognition and voice interface.

Cluzee is great in that you can speak to it and it will also respond to your commands. If you need to plan a trip, local search recommendations, calendar name it Cluzee can probably do it.

How about if you really want a personal assistant but do not have an iPhone 4S that runs SIri or an Android device capable of using Cluzee, well you're in a lot of luck. The Tronton group plans on releasing a cloud-based version that will be accessible from any phone, tablet, computer or internet-connected device. Talk about bringing real changes to the masses.

Finally, everyone can fell important and delegate mundane tasks or be more productive by having their very own intelligent personal assistant.

Apple ushered in the era of the future with Cluzee but now that the technology is out there things are only going to get better as more innovators like Tronton's CEO Ashish Patwa bring their technical expertise to the masses and open up their products to be run on multiple platforms and devices unlike Apple Inc.

Full Press Release:
Tronton Launches Talking Mobile App “Cluzee,” Your Intelligent Personal Assistant

New Type of Virtual PDA Employs Conversational Interface and Machine Learning To Help Save Time/Money and Manage Information Overload

Chicago, IL – (November 29, 2011) In the Digital Age, we are inundated with so much information, many people wish they had a personal assistant tohelp them keep up with it all. Today, Tronton LLC hopes to make that dream a reality for the average person with the launch of Cluzee, a “talking” intelligent virtual personal digital assistant, available now on Android mobile devices, and coming to iPhones soon.

Billed as “Your Intelligent Personal Assistant” Cluzee utilizes cutting edge technologies like voice recognition, voice synthesis, personal analytics, smart filters and machine learning to help users manage all aspects of their personal and digital lives. Designed to save people time and money, Cluzee’s customized interface talks and responds to voice commands, providing the user with services like day planning, a health planner, personalized restaurant and retail recommendations, a trip planner, social media monitoring, and a daily briefing of personalized digital information.

Cluzee is thefirst offering from Tronton, an emerging start-up poised to become the premier vendor of Virtual Personal Digital Assistants. Founded by seasoned technology professional Ashish Patwa, Tronton designs intelligent products that help people make better decisions in real-time, and improve personal productivity.

“People are drowning in information overload,” said Patwa, CEO of Tronton. “We don’t need all of the information available, all of the time. We just need the right information at the right time, which Cluzee intelligently provides, making us more productive. Technology created the problem, but we’re using smarter technology to solve it.”


BE MORE PRODUCTIVE: Many of Cluzee’s features can be accessed hands-free, via voice recognition and voice interface. So you can perform tasks while you’re driving. Cluzee reads you your e-mails, replies to text messages, and gives you a daily digital briefing of whatever you care about, from local news and events, toSocially-Filtered Facebook Feeds and Tweets, plus horoscopes, calendar reminders, health and even package tracking.

SPEAK AND BE SPOKEN TO: Cluzee utilizes Conversational Interface, meaning it talks to you and responds to your commands, delegates tasks, and allows user to create and manage text memos and reminders.

MANAGE YOUR DAILY & DIGITAL LIVES: Services include a Day Planner (PDP) with calendar syncing, a Health Planner with calorie tracker, Trip Planning, Daily Brief,Friends Locator, Local Search Recommendations, and Social Filtering.

PREVENT INFORMATION OVERLOAD: Cluzee lets users set filters for social updates. Instruct Cluzee to immediately inform you if tweets/FB updates come from a group of users, and even customize what news, weather and traffic are included in your brief.

SAVE MONEY WITH CUSTOM DEALS & TRIP PLANNING: Personalized recommendations and daily deal filtering based on your personal digital profile save you money on things you love, while weeding out offers that you’re not interested in. A trip planner helps you map out your vacation and find local attractions.

Cluzee utilizes Machine Learning technology to save time, making busy people’s live more enjoyable.

Cluzee is available today as a mobile app for Android devices, for free download at

Future generations of Cluzee will run in the Cloud and be accessible from all of a person’s devices, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, TVs and the Web.

For more information about Cluzee, please visit


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