Blackberry OS Puts Multitasking In Your Hands

The Blackberry OS is the heart of your smart phone. Your mobile operating systems are critical for every aspect of your phone and really make the user experience. We have the run down on everything you need to know about your Blackberry software.

Research In Motion's claim to fame has been and will always be email. This continues with every lineup of their new Blackberry software. You can have up to 10 different private or email accounts on your phone. All of your emails will be immediately pushed to your phone via RIM's efficient servers.

If you don't want to drain your battery because of always fetching emails you can always set how often you want your RIM Blackberry to retrieve your emails.

Blackberry Mobile OS Synchronization

With your Blackberry OS you'll be able to do a lot of great things that make life very easy. Basically RIM is extremely user friendly. A strong point is activation and synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, or Novell GroupWise email, calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts when used with the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

If you're not using BES you can still receive automatic updates from your wireless carrier if they support Blackberry using over the air software loading (OASTL) service.

Enough of this technical jargon let's talk about the features you actually care about.

Blackberry Features That Mean Something

Is there an app store?

Yes the OS comes with the Blackberry App World. There are a ton of great apps available and since Research in Motion makes the handsets and the Blackberry OS everything runs very smoothly. Also, you'll receive notifications when a new version of an app is available for download. BlackBerry-OS-6.0

Have you heard the term "Crackberry" applied to these smartphones? We're sure you have. This is because of the SureType software that makes using a Blackberry keyboard very easy on the fingers. So in no time you'll be auditioning to be the new stenographer at your local courthouse.

Social medical integrates very well with this mobile operating system. Let's just take a little known company called Facebook and see what you can do: upload photos, browse profiles, receive FB notifications, and basically have the Facebook experience with you wherever you are.

BBM Textmessaging on Steroids

One aspect which makes the Blackberry OS extremely popular is that Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is baked into every phone. This allows for instant messaging between Blackberry users all without having to pay for this great service...say goodbye to textmessaging plans.

Chatting it up with more than one person at a time is possible using chat groups too. You're not limited to just text based messages either. There's room to send all of the following to your BBM buddies:

  • pictures
  • voicenotes (audiorecordings)
  • files
  • location on a map
  • and emoticons (smileys).

There's Still More with Blackberry OS

Your Blackberry smartphone packs a lot of punch and is an extension of your life. So how do you find that important thing you have on your phone? Easy. There is universal search built in. Now you can search everything on your phone at once while also reaching out to the web too.

We know you're going to be all over the internet with these RIM handsets and you are definitely going to enjoy the web experience. There is tabbed browsing which is going to allow you to have multiple web pages open at once. This is something that really comes handy when you're on the go and trying to do more than one thing at once.

If you're in corporate life or simply value security...peace of mind has arrived. There are several safety and convenience features in place that will allow you to backup and restore data and even wipe or lock your smartphone remotely.

Blackberry Mobile Operating System Round Up

Everyone understands that email is what makes the Blackberry very special but the times are changing. Email is no longer a hard selling point, but if you live for email or do send lots of messages then you cannot go wrong with RIM's OS.

On the otherhand if you're looking for a device that has mobile operating systems that are more current we think you have other options besides Blackberry.

Now don't get us wrong. We are fans but we're gonna be honest and upfront about things. The boys in Waterloo simply need to step up their game to stay competitive in today's day and age. We're confident they have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep the innovation and wow factor in effect.

You don't by chance develop a product which people say is just as addicting as crack if you didn't know what you're doing. So we're extremely excited to see the next line of Blackberry software which continually improves with each release.

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