Blackberry Internet Service Keeping
You Connected & Plugged In

Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) is at the heart of your RIM smartphone. If you need the internet or to establish anytype of mobile connection Blackberry software makes everything possible.

If you did not have BIS you basically would have no need for a Blackberry smart phone. Here's what is controlled by BIS:

  • internet browsing
  • email messaging
  • instant messaging (IM)
  • Blackberry Messenger (BBM).
As you can see the RIM Blackberry software breathes life into your smartphone.

BIS Email Access

Research In Motion made its bread and butter by being the best mobile device manufacturer when it came to getting your email on the go. Other competitors mainly Apple and Google Android along with Windows Phone are catching up to RIM and in some cases surpassing Blackberry. What this means is that email is no longer a marketing coupe that RIM can lay claim to.

Blackberry Internet Service will allow you to access the following email accounts:

  • POP3
  • IMPA
  • Outlook Web App

without needed to connect through the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). BES is used by enterprises (aka business, schools, organizations, etc.) and governments that have an on-premise server and require a high level of IT control. If this is over your head or your Blackberry is for personal use and not work issued then you'll be using BIS and not BES.

How BIS Actually Works

BIS is actually run by Research In Motion, but typically is provisioned through a mobile phone service provider e.g. your wireless carrier. The service will use RIM's proprietary push technology to send the data to your Blackberry smartphone over the cellular carrier network.

We all can remember Research In Motion's Blackberry outage in the Fall of 2011 was due to the set up of the push technology. Since everything must pass through centralized RIM servers when one went down it caused the whole network to experience problems. Blackberry Internet Service actually goes and retrieves email from the servers by polling a POP3 or IMPAP server. There is additional Blackberry sync abilities for calendars or contacts for some webmail providers.

All-in-all BIS is really a unified Blackberry software system that gets you the data, email and internet connections you need immediately. Push technology is the best when it works and overall RIM has had very minimal downtime over the years.

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