Barack Obama's White House Wants More Apple Products

Just saw that the Obama White House is making a big push to have the technology updated. They are huge Apple Inc fanboys apparently.

With the approval from their IT department White House officials will now be able to use the whole suit of Apple products. We already know that the President loves Apple products and this is now trickling down to his staffers too.

It should be noted Mr. President does have a souped up Blackberry that is uber-secure and was made just for him. Unfortunately, Obama will not be trading in his CIA grade Blackberry for an iPhone anytime soon. But when the boss speaks there are positives for his employees. The Executive Office of the President will now allow staffers to access their official email accounts on their iPads and iPhones through a secure connection.

Basically the administration is bringing the Mac back. When President Obama played a round of golf recently his iPad was on display. Now not one to read into things, but this was highly choreographed and staged nonetheless!

With President Obama's approval rating near the gutter I guess it becomes important to ride the high tide created by Apple and company. Especially with Steve Jobs departing from his position as CEO to be replaced by Tim Cook, Obama in political parlance will ride the coattails of an iconic Apple Inc to show the American people he's still cool and should be voted into office for a second term.

So let's see Mr. President is suffering poorly in the polls and then begins to tout America's favorite technology company to gain some positive favor. This especially after Apple has had its best quarter on record with profit reaching $7.31 billion.

Next thing we'll see is a pitch to all Apple iPhones, iPads, and Macs seeking a donation to the Obama Re-Election fund.

Here's the link for the full scoop:

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