AT&T's Inventory Features iPhone 5 Cases from Case-Mate

The picture says it all. ATT's inventory system has iPhone 5 cases appearing. The launch of the new Apple iPhone 5 is imminent and this only confirms all of the rumors.

We all know Cupertino likes to keep everything under wraps when it comes to new product launches but things aren't going so smoothly. Obviously, the leaks are coming from ancillary sources such as the wireless carriers like AT&T Wireless and 3rd party manufactures e.g.

This was simply bound to happen and with all the leaks it is practically guaranteed that there will be an iPhone 5.

If you look at the picture supplied by BGR you'll notice three types of iPhone 5 cases are expected:

  • hard

  • soft

  • skin.

There you have it folks a picture is worth a thousand words. We're sure we didn't have to write anything for this post simply circling the inventory products in the picture would have done enough justice to the notion that the iPhone 5 is coming.

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