AT&T Wireless Stores Provide Evidence of iPhone 5 Arriving

ATT iPhone 5 Sleeve

ATT iPhone 5 Sleeve

ATT iPhone 5 Sleeve ATT iPhone 5 Silicon Sleeve ATT iPhone 5 Silicon Case Sleeve

There is photographic evidence that an iPhone 5 is not a rumor but will actually be launching this year. MacRumors has exclusive pictures of the new Apple iPhone 5 cases arriving at ATT Wireless retail stores.

Take a very close look at the images and you'll see what we mean by looking at the wording on the wrapping of each new iPhone case.

We're going to go out on a limb and say ATT didn't order these cases just to continue the speculation about whether there will be a new iPhone 5. For those with a legal background or even in sports replay this is clearly indisputable evidence the smartphone everyone has been waiting for is coming very soon.

Now what about those rumors about the iPhone 4S?

From the leaks by manufacturers and inventory database listings it appears the iPhone 4S is a sure bet too! Folks this looks like it will be the first year that you'll have options when it comes to purchasing the Apple iPhone. We're not talking about a difference in memory, rather different models.

What the cases tell us.

Looking at the cases that have landed at AT&T it looks like the mute button for the iPhone 5 will be positioned on the left-hand side as has been previously revealed. The body of the new iPhone 5 looks to have a tapered design too.

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