ATT Leads in Smartphone Customer Satisfaction According to Nielsen

AT&T smartphone customers are more satisfied with their smartphones than customers using other wireless carriers. These findings come from the Nielsen Mobile Insights Study Q1 and Q2 for 2011 and are consistent with other third-party independent smartphone research.

“Our data shows that as of the second quarter this year, about half of our postpaid customers had smartphones — more than any other wireless provider — and this trend shows no signs of slowing down,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.

Clearly ATT is very happy about these developments and it gives them much to brag about. Looks like a lot of the pundits were proved wrong about Verizon getting the iPhone last winter. Customers have stayed committed to AT&T regardless so the service (being call quality) clearly cannot be as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

ATT really likes to toot their own horn because here's their explanation for why customers remain loyal to them or are choosing ATT over other wireless carriers:

  • Smartphone Selection: AT&T offers award winning Android smartphones and has the largest selection of Blackberry and Windows Phone devices. This is definitely a selling point that speaks to consumers who what the latest and newest. You'll be surprised the company didn't even mention the iPhone, we'll just assume that's a given there.

  • International Roaming: if you're the traveling type then ATT is where you want to be. They have a robust selection of world phones and discounted data, messaging and voice packages, along with the broadest global coverage of any U.S. wireless provider. Ok, AT&T goes on and on about what they offer but we're sure you get the

  • Talk and Surf: this is a huge feature of ATT's smartphone customers. You can place calls while also multitasking online via surfing the internet or whatever suits your fancy. Talk while checking out Facebook or look for directions while on the go all without missing a beat.

  • Mobile to Any Mobile: if you purchase an unlimited messaging plan and a qualifying voice plan you'll have unlimited mobile calling to any mobile number in America. Folks, as practically everyone uses cell phones you cannot go wrong with this setup from AT&T Wireless. Oh snap...did we forget to mention Rollover Minutes. With Rollover Minutes you can keep any of your unused minutes from month to month for all domestic calls including landlines.

  • 4G Network: not that you'll know exactly what this means but AT&T has deployed HSPA+ across its network and currently deploying LTE to provide even faster mobile broadband speeds to customers with compatible devices.

  • Wi-Fi Network: there are over 27,000 hotspots in America and you'll have access to over 190,000 global hotspots internationally ATT customers cannot go wrong. Here's a tip...use Wi-Fi connections whenever possible because it does not eat up your data plan. See we'll drop lines of information to help you out whenever we can.

  • Specialized Customer Care: ATT has a history of offering excellent customer care and we can vouch for them on this. ATT has steps in place to ensure smartphone customers are adequately taken care of from the point of purchase through continuing customer support.

  • ATT as Nielsen has shown with their reporting definitely has an advantage over wireless carriers when it comes to customer satisfaction with their smartphones. This is a win-win for AT&T and their customers.

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