Apple Stock Just May Make You Rich

Apple Stock is really a great investment where we just see tremendous upside. Even after the company's iconic founder Steve Jobs offered his resignation letter AAPL shares dipped slightly but all of the pundits believe it has considerable growth ahead. Estimates are that shares will at a minimum increase by at least $100 - $150 in the upcoming months/years.

The goal with investing is to make money and not lose it and we think you're in good hands with Apple. If you love their product line up, believe the executive team knows what they are doing, and think Cupertino will continue to be an innovative leader than by all means get yourself some Apple stock.

Before you go and execute those trade orders online or with your broker how about becoming an informed investor first. Don't worry we're gonna make this very easy for you.

Check out our infographic which details the two key factors you'll need to know:

  1. stock prices/fluctuations
  2. company news and developments.

Armed with this knowledge you're all set to get started. Here's what we promised:

Cupertino By The Minute

If you're a true "fanboy" you'll want to know what is happening every 60 seconds with your shares. Well, even if you're not a fanboy any investor will want to keep a close watch on their investments. You've come to the right place and here's what's happening with AAPL shares as we speak:

A Day In The Life of Apple

Please pardon the sarcasm in the title for this section. But on a serious note, let's take a look at how Apple stock is performing on a daily basis. Be sure to put everything in reference to what's happening in the world. Is there a new product launch on the horizon? Has a competitor fallen to the wayside (we know Apple isn't going anywhere)? Or anything else which can increase or decrease the value of these shares.

Investing Is Good

Would you purchase an Apple product or buy shares instead?

If you don't know this is going to put everything in perspective for you.

If you would've purchased every single Apple product released since 1997 right after Steve Jobs rejoined his company -- you would ahve forked over $591,769 for those purchases. But this is the kicker. In 13 years that money spent could've been placed on AAPL where you'd have netted $11,120,691! We're talking millions of dollars.

Those numbers may seem high so here's a more realistic one to work with. If instead of buying the first iPod for $399 and instead of investing it with Cupertino you'd now have $11,914.

So we didn't come up with these numbers or figures ourselves they come from Kyle Conroy who's blog was picked up by the New York Times' Bits blog. Yes, we give credit where credit is due here at Smartphone Consumer.

You've heard enough from us and we're stepping outside of our area of expertise because we don't cover the financials here. That's stuff we'll save for Wall Street and the bankers. Our job is smartphones and more smartphones.

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