Apple Has Only 4% Of Market Share But 52% of Mobile Profits

Get this. Apple has only 4% of the mobile market share but has 52% of mobile profits. Talk about having some significant margins on your products Apple. These numbers are for the third-quarter of 2011 and are slightly down from the 57% profit share in the second-quarter of 2011.

Alright, we have to clarify things and say these numbers only relate to the top eight cell phone vendors in the world as reported by the analyst Mike Walkey of Canaccord Genuity. Either way these are not shabby numbers no matter how you look at it.

So who else is making a huge profit in the mobile market?

Samsung accounted for 29% of profits, which is up from the 18% in the June quarter. Not to be left out of the picture HTC has accounted for 9% of operating income too.

As always there are winners and losers even when it comes to mobile profits in the smart phone arena.

Research In Motion saw their value slide from 11% down to 7%. Also took a slight drop to 4% from a previous value of 7%.

Samsung is definitely the company that everyone needs to keep their eyes on because this company is just getting started. “Demonstrating the importance of a strong smartphone offerings relative to industry profits, Samsung gained a remarkable 11 points of value share sequentially with its leading Android Galaxy S II product offering,” Mr. Walkey wrote.

So clearly everyone is only concerned about Apple and what they'll be shipping. Well we're once again mocking the media infatuation with Apple where the analyst expects Apple to ship 29 million handsets in the fourth-quarter of 2011. Remember the iPhone 4S launched in the 4th quarter which includes the holiday season so we are glad to see the revised shipment estimate that is up from Canaccord Genuity's initial value of 27 million units shipped.


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